Health Law and Policy Society

Advocacy and Publications

Health Law and Policy Society and our members are active in the NYU Community. In addition to our educational and networking events on campus, HLPS and our members have published academic works related to health law and been advocates for policy changes promoting access to healthcare in the United States. 


Statement from HLPS following the Dobbs' Decision and the Overturn of Roe 

Statement From HLPS on President Trump's Sabotage of the Affordable Care Act


Ryan Knox, The "P" is Not for Privacy: Preventing Private Enforcement of HIPAA, 4 N.Y.U. Proceedings of the Moot Court Board 97 (2019).

Ryan Knox, Note, More Prices, More Problems: Challenging Indication-Specific Pricing as a Solution to Prescription Drug Spending in the United States, 18 Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, & Ethics __ (forthcoming 2019) (peer-reviewed).

Victoria Hamscho, Reassessing the Physician-Hospital Relationship, 3 American University Health Law & Policy Brief 1 (2019).

Victoria Hamscho, Daniel Weinstein, & Ryan Knox, Contribution, Integrating Care but Increasing Liability? Mitigating Risk and in Non-Profit Health System Acquisitions of For-Profit Managed Services Organizations, 3 N.Y.U. Proceedings 211 (forthcoming 2018).

Kathryn A. Haines, Section 1115 Waivers: Success for Medicaid in Michigan and Indiana, 2018 Annual Survey of American Law Forum 22 (2018).

Natalie Nicelli, Repealing Essential Health Benefits Hurts and Harms Women, 41 The Harbinger: NYU Review of Law and Social Change 1 (2017).

Daniel Weinstein, What Happens After the Collapse of the Skinny Repeal?, The Commentator: NYU Law (Sept. 13, 2017).


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