Student Spotlight: Amon Jones ’24

Tell us about your experience serving as president of NYU Law’s West Coast Connection program. 

Amon Jones
Amon Jones ’24

It was an incredibly rewarding experience. I enjoyed connecting people from around the Law School who had a variety of different ties to various areas on the West Coast. Before committing to NYU, I knew my ultimate goal was to move to Los Angeles to take advantage of the opportunities in media and entertainment law. As someone who grew up in Maryland, my path to employment on the West Coast has been an eye-opening adventure that has hopefully served as a learning opportunity for other students. When I begin practicing in California next year, I am grateful to be able to start my career with a network of other attorneys I have been fortunate to meet through West Coast Connection.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law? Any specific career aspirations?

Before my mother retired recently, she was an attorney for the federal government serving as a senior attorney advisor for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for over 30 years. To this day, I believe my mother is one of the smartest people I know, and naturally I became interested in what she did for work. Consequently, my decision to pursue a career in law has been inspired by my fascination with certain employment law issues. Following my graduation from Northwestern in 2016, I spent five years working at NBC, four of which were spent in the talent department at Saturday Night Live. While at SNL, I met people from across the industry who represented talent in film, TV, music, and comedy, and after being exposed to so many different roles, it was the attorneys' job that I found most interesting. Thankfully I have managed to maintain a number of connections from my days at SNL who continue to support me in my aspirations of becoming an entertainment lawyer. 

What is your favorite part about being a NYU Law student?

My favorite part about being an NYU Law student is going to law school in New York. The diverse population that New York City attracts is evidenced by the makeup of NYU's student body and faculty. For every area of law, there seems to be at least one NYU professor who is an expert. Still, I feel that I have learned just as much from the other students at the law school as I have from the professors. I have met classmates from so many different backgrounds with vastly different sets of interests who each have unique perspectives about the law that have changed the way I think in so many ways. 

Posted on October 6, 2023