West Coast Connection

West Coast Connection is a group of NYU Law students from, or with strong ties to, the Western United States (e.g. California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, etc.) who assist other students new to the East Coast integrate with the broader NYU legal community, and feel more “at home” in New York City in general.  We accomplish this goal by organizing a range of social activities where students meet each other, network, have fun, and discuss the transition they’ve all recently experienced. 

A majority of our events center around employment on the West Coast, challenges faced by students conducting a job search across the country, and providing insight into specific legal markets out west – highlighted by our annual panel in the spring.  Even during social events, students are learning from older students who have gone through the process already, and making connections or gaining insight that might lead to the achievement of their ultimate goal one day – finding meaningful legal employment on the West Coast. 

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