Experts consider the impact burgeoning AI may have on the legal profession

At a September 13 conference hosted by NYU Law’s Center on Civil Justice, scientists, lawyers, researchers, regulators, and technology experts convened to consider how artificial intelligence (AI) may affect the future of the legal profession. 

Selected remarks from a panel discussion on the AI regulatory and enforcement landscape:

Eerie Meyer, chief technologist at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: “If a firm is using advanced automated systems that they themselves don't understand, how can they possibly comply with the law?...We work with regulators across the country at the state level, the federal level, and the city level to help share how we're interpreting existing law in a technical context.... For the law students in the crowd, consider coming to work at a regulatory agency because we are untangling these puzzles right now.”

Neema Guliani, deputy assistant secretary for services at the US Department of Commerce: “We’re throwing around [terms] like generative AI…. How do we utilize common definitions and create harmonization to the extent possible around those definitions internationally, so that when we are talking about frameworks or regulation, we’re all speaking in a way that companies who want to be good actors can understand and know the law?...So that as we're developing this work, we're doing so in a way that maximizes our ability and the ability of US businesses to compete globally.”

Posted on October 4, 2023