NYU Law Venture Fund names winners in spring Business Plan Competition

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The NYU Law Venture Fund has named Gabriel Delabra ’22 and Sam Klotz ’23 as grand prize winners in its spring business plan competition. Delabra, Klotz, and other entrants each submitted a video of one to two minutes outlining a business idea in legal technology. Pitches focused on using technology to make the practice of law more efficient and effective.

Delabra’s business plan centered on a hiring tool for legal associates on the job market and firms seeking new hires. The tool would enable associates to catalog their workflow weekly, export the information, and filter it to highlight applicable experience to employers. Firms could also search and filter candidates with specific skills and task experiences that are relevant to their needs.

Klotz pitched a new document management system for law firms that would electronically link final versions of executed documents to their amendments. The system aims to make documentation more easily accessible for attorneys and staff.

Launched in 2018 with donor support, the NYU Law Venture Fund encourages entrepreneurship by NYU Law students and alumni through grants and internships, networking events, and early stage investments, among other initiatives. This competition was made possible by the generous support of the NYU Law Venture Fund jury, a group of NYU Law alumni who are leaders in the entrepreneurial and venture capital space.

Posted May 10, 2022