About the IRC

The Immigrant Rights Clinic (IRC) of Washington Square Legal Services, Inc., at NYU Law School, is a leading institution in both local and national struggles for immigrant rights. Our students engage in direct legal representation of immigrants and community organizations in litigation at the agency, federal court, and where necessary Supreme Court level, and in immigrant rights campaigns at the local, state, and national level. Each student, along with a student partner, will typically have the opportunity to represent both an individual or a set of individuals in litigation (such as a removal proceeding or appeal, detention litigation, or a civil suit) as well as a community organization in a campaign (such an organizing project or legislative campaign). We choose our docket in consultation with our community partners and engage in work that is responsive to community needs. Students have direct responsibility for these cases and the opportunity to build their understanding of legal practice and the field of immigrant rights law and organizing.

Students interested in applying to IRC should visit the application/course description page for more information.

Faculty and Staff

Alina Das '05, Professor of Clinical Law
Co-Director & Supervising Attorney, IRC
Nancy Morawetz '81, Professor of Clinical Law
Co-Director & Supervising Attorney, IRC
Jessica Rofé '14, Toni Rembe and Arthur Rock Immigrant Defense Fellow
Deputy Director & Supervising Attorney, IRC
Noelia Rodriguez, Clinic Assistant


Class of 2022-2023

Immigrant Rights Clinic

Abdiel Caballero
Elizabeth Dia
Thao Ho
Michael Leonetti
Yulanda Lui
Gabriela MacPherson
Helina Meressa
Elizabeth Neoman
Marisa O'Toole
Galia Popov
Sahil Singhvi
Andrew Vaccaro
Advanced Immigrant Rights Clinic
Lily Gutterman
David Jimenez
Vibha Kannan
Aidan Langston
Jencey Paz