Living Green at NYU School of Law

New York University School of Law and the Department of Residence Services are committed to responsible environmental stewardship.  Please take a moment to review the tips and information located on this Web site and check back for monthly "Green" Living Tips.

Residence Services Green Initiatives

Along with recycling, conservation, and reuse programs, the Department of Residence Services has also taken on other Green initiatives.

Composting Program

We partnered with the NYU Composting Initiative (Winner of a 2008 Green Grant) to institute a composting pilot program in D'Agostino Hall.  Having met our goal of making composting simple and easy for all of our residents, we have extended the program to include Hayden Hall.  


Light bulbs in all apartments and common areas have been replaced with energy efficient mini-spiral fluorescent bulbs.

  • 240 Mercer Street: Bathroom & kitchen common area bulbs
  • 110 West 3rd Street: Bedroom, kitchen/common area, and bathroom bulbs
  • Bathrooms received a 60-watt equivalent bulb and other areas will receive a 100-watt equivalent bulb.
  • Motion sensors placed in common areas (bathrooms, computer rooms, laundry rooms, etc.).  Sensors to be placed during the spring semester in the D'Agostino Hall Journal, Lobby, Mezzanine and second floor offices and the Office of Residential Life and Student Organization offices in Hayden Hall.
  • All new NYU School of Law residents are provided with Compact Flourescent Light bulbs (CFLs) for desk and floor lamps.

Hayden Hall and D'Agostino Hall HVAC

The wall-mounted thermostat in each room allows the resident to set the temperature (within a pre-set range of 68-72 degrees) and the fan speed and the unit fans will automatically shut off once the room temperature has been satisfied.  Adjustments to the temperature settings are made seasonally and residents are notified.  In addition, when unoccupied (sensors are located in each apartment) the temperature in the apartments can lower to a minimum of 55 degrees in the winter, and rise to a maximum of 84 degrees in the summer.  This is done as an energy savings measure, and is tied into a smart Building Management System which monitors temperatures to insure a maximum 15 minute recovery time when reoccupied.


High efficiency front-loading clothes washers & dryers in laundry rooms.

Computer Labs

  • All of the printers, and computers' default settings, are set to duplex.
  • The computers and monitors are set to shut off the hard disk after 30 minutes.

Hot Water Heating Equipment

High efficiency hot water heating equipment in Hayden and D’Agostino Hall (instantaneous heat exchangers).

Vending Misers

Installation of vending misers, to reduce energy used by vending machines, on all vending machines.


Purchase of energy efficient G.E. appliances for all kitchens.


Purchase of recycled carpeting.


Organic fertilizers (Hollytone) and organic spikes for trees (made of nitrogen, phosphates and pot ash).

Green Chemical Substitution (Cleaners, etc.)

Please contact the Office of Facilities Services if you would like further information about the green chemical substitution.