For Students

NYU Law and the Grunin Center are expanding curricular offerings to incorporate more themes of social entrepreneurship, as well as to deepen NYU Law’s current business clinical offerings. Overall, we hope to provide students with an opportunity to engage directly in the representation of social entrepreneurs and impact investors. In addition to our course offerings, NYU Law students have opportunities to engage in a range of social entrepreneurship activities, including summer work with the Public Interest Law Center, participation in related symposia convened by the NYU Journal of Law & Business, and participation in extracurricular activities managed by the student-led Social Enterprise & Startup Law (SE-SL) Group.

The Grunin Center also provides NYU Law students with an interest in social entrepreneurship with scholarship and internship opportunities to help them pursue a career in social entrepreneurship. By following a curriculum which combines legal and business skills with the ultimate goal of creating innovative solutions to pressing social problems, students can develop a solid foundation in the fields of social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

In partnership with White & Case, the Grunin Center supports the White & Case Social Entrepreneurship Internship. This internship is a wonderful opportunity for 1L students with dedicated interest in social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Graduating NYU Law students who have a demonstrated commitment to the field of law and social entrepreneurship may also be eligible to receive the White & Case Social Entrepreneurship Award.

In addition, the Grunin Center works with research assistants to publish an annual report, Mapping the State of Social Enterprise and the Law, that evaluates the state of social enterprise and the law in the United States.