Family, Gender, & Sexuality

Centers & Intellectual Life

Kenji Yoshino interviewing Rachel Maddow

NYU Law’s centers and student organizations highlight issues pertaining to family, gender, and sexuality through various events each year. 

Through leadership training, research, and initiatives to advance workplace equity, the Birnbaum Women's Leadership Center develops NYU Law students’ leadership skills, supports the Law School as an environment that nurtures women’s achievement, and engages the legal profession to better enable women lawyers to fulfill their potential.

The Meltzer Center for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging’s mission is to advance interdisciplinary legal scholarship on diversity, inclusion, and belonging; support the Law School community as it strives to live up to those values; and share expertise with the broader world through targeted engagement with public and private institutions.

Student journals include the Review of Law and Social ChangeStudent groups include OUTLaw and Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ).