LAA Board Members & Committees

The LAA Board of Directors Nomination Form is now available!

You can help to ensure active and diverse representation on the Board by nominating qualified alumni candidates or submitting a self-nomination during the open-nomination period.

Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis. Any qualifying nominations received after the review period will be routed for consideration for membership the following year.

Download the nomination form here.

Congratulations and a warm welcome to the new Board members!

President Vice Presidents
Lance A. Polivy '13

Ayana N. Free '07
Suzanna Publicker Mettham '09
Evert H. Vink MCJ '95

Directors Associate Directors Honorary Directors
Monica Ramirez de Arellano ’15 
Daniel Aun LLM '12
Said Bakir LLM ’15
Zachary Bass ’21
Simon Batifort LLM '11
Getzel Berger '17 
Craig Bolton '08
Marc Bonora ’00 
Patrick Bradford ’89
Kalyan Das LLM '89
Elizabeth DeGori '14
Robert Z. Dobrish '65 
Lincoln S. Finkenberg '98 
Matthew Fishbein ’79
Ayana N. Free '07
Lee Turner Friedman '08
Tara J. Gabbai '96
W. Michael Garner '75  
Hernan Garza LLM ’06
Barbaros Karaahmet MCJ ’95 
Igor Levin '92
Anna L. MacCormack '08 
Lorraine Mandel '76
Lawrence D. Mandelker LLM '06
Anne Kennedy McGuire '06
Michael Pernick '15
Jason B. Sherry ’08 
Debra Smith ’78
Mathura Sridharan ’18
Alec Webley ’16
Boji Wong '04
Philippe Zimmerman ’91
Katharine M. Atlas '06
Nancy Batterman '85
Robert W. Bulger '83
Michelle B. Cherande '97
Sarah Davidoff '96
John Edward Failla '88
Linda M. Gadsby '92
Marshall J. Gluck '68, LLM '70
John B. Harris '85
Nancy Lowe Henry '75
Nicole N. Idoko '14
Alan M. Klinger '81
Myron Kove LLM '67
Joseph J. LaRosa '83
C. Scott Lent '99
Maria Florencia Librizzi LLM '12
Cynthia Fernandez Lumermann '11
Stephen S. Mar '11
Elio F. Martinez, Jr. '85
Honorable J. Kevin McKay '69
Suzanna Publicker Mettham '09
Peter B. Morrison '99
Arinze N. Onugha '07 
Michael R. Roberts '16 
Lois Nacht Rosen '79
Raymond B. Schwartzberg LLM '72
Howard J. Shire '79
Steven J. Shore '71
Alessandra Tebaldi LLM '05
Daniela Weber Tisch '08
Honorable Troy Webber '81
Stefanie Merry Wool '05
Norma C. Abbene '89
Herbert Barbot ’91
Valerie L. Bowen '90
Kelvin D. Chen '04
Lloyd B. Chinn '92
Sandra Coudert Graham ’94 
Edward G. Eisert '73
Steven H. Epstein '86
Philip L. Friedman ’68 
Stephen R. Greenwald '66, LLM '95
Samuel P. Gunther '66, LLM '71
Frederick S. Harris '79
T. Randolph Harris '77, LLM '83
Patricia E. Hennessey '79
Patricia Hewitt '90
Joel Hirschtritt ’70  
Christine Homer '90
Peter Lallas '04
Scott M. Lerman '94
Elizabeth Manko Libby '87
Monique J. Mulcare '91
Allen F. London '73
Sandra M. Marsh '81
Leigh M. Meaders-Robinson '94
Jeffrey L. Nagel '94
The Honorable Eduardo Padro '80
Jonathan E. Pickhardt '98
Jason R. Pickholz '94
Tracy E. Pogue '91
Joseph Polizzotto ’78 
Mark D. Risk '84
Carol A. Robles-Roman '89
Lawrence M. Rosenstock '68
The Honorable Mark H. Snyder ’77 
Kara H. Stein '95
Jerome Walker '84
Richard Wong '69 (In Memoriam)
Past Presidents Lifetime Director

Rocco F. Andriola '82, LLM '86
The Honorable Carol H. Arber '68
Edward E. Blakeslee '47, LLM '58 (In Memoriam)
Emily T. Campbell '95
Joseph E. Ehrlich ’97
Leonard J. Felzenberg '55
Donald T. Fox '56
The Honorable Norman Goodman '50 (In Memoriam)
Katherine R. Frink-Hamlett '91
Jonathan M. Herman '73
Katrina E. James ’07
Jonathan G. Kortmansky '94
Paul C. Kurland '70
Marvin S. Lerman '65, LLM '70
Martin Lipton '55
Lawrence A. Mandelker '68
Robert J. McDermott '70, LLM '74
Steven S. Miller '70
Lester Pollack '57 (In Memoriam)
Carren B. Shulman '91

Leonard Boxer '63
The Honorable Barry A. Cozier '75
The Honorable Betty Weinberg Ellerin '52
The Honorable Jonathan Lippman '68
The Honorable Raymond J. Lohier '91

LAA Committees

Alumni Engagement Committee

The Committee provides opportunities to engage alumni and students; seeks to increase alumni engagement by planning local and regional events, including events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Association such as the Public Interest Law Center benefit, an Association signature event, awards events, and more localized events to facilitate networking among alumni; determines funding mechanisms for events not sponsored by the Law School; partners with the Law School’s Board of Trustees, Dean’s Office, Development and Alumni Relations Office, and other relevant organizations to ensure that the interests of the Association and the Members are represented. 

By-Laws Committee

The Committee acts in a role of guidance and support to amend the by-laws to reflect the changes and adjust language to increase flexibility for future changes.

Graduate Division Committee

The Committee assists the Law School’s Graduate Division (including the Office of Graduate Affairs, the Office of Career Services, the Public Interest Law Center, and the J.S.D. program) in developing initiatives and programs tailored to the unique needs of the Law School’s graduate students and alumni of the Graduate Division.

Nominating Committee

The Committee solicits nominations, reviews recommendations, and selects alumni to the LAA Board. Also develops and implements criteria for evaluating the performance of Directors, Associate Directors, and Officers.

Recent Graduate Committee

The Committee works on outreach and engagement with recent graduates (10 years out or less) including organizing a fall and/or spring event.