For Alumni

LACA is proud to offer events and resources for alumni seeking support and hoping to further their participation in the LACA community.


In recent years, LACA has hosted a variety of panels targeted toward graduating students, young alums, and alumni who are already immersed in their careers. Recent panels have discussed non-traditional career paths, including entrepreneurism, solo practice, and business careers; international practice, featuring lawyers who have practiced internationally and experts from the office of Global Programs; and a private practice panel, highlighting attorneys who have founded start-ups, practice in-house, and work in traditional law firms


LACA believes that mentoring is a cornerstone of a successful law school experience. In order to facilitate the mentoring process, LACA provides the opportunity for alumni to mentor current students through two distinct programs: (1) the LACA Pod Mentoring Program and (2) the Violet Network. Mentors may choose to be part of either, or both, of these programs. We’d love it if you’d want to do both!


First, LACA offers a direct mentoring program that utilizes a “pod” system. Each pod consists of a mentor, who is a senior attorney and serves as convener, and two to four mentees comprised of one to two junior to mid-level attorneys and one to two students. This mixture of experience levels is designed to provide a more robust and valuable exchange for all members of the pod. Mentors who volunteer through this program will be provided materials and other resources to help guide their mentor-mentee relationships. We ask mentors in this program to commit to providing general wisdom, advice, and support to their small “pod” of students and lawyers for a one-year term, (which can be done in person or virtually). Students and lawyers will be matched with mentors with similar professional interests and geographical preferences, to the extent possible.

To sign up, click here no later than Friday, September 9, 2022.


The Violet Network is an easy-to-use platform for NYU community members to engage in mentoring activities, connect with each other, share professional expertise, and contribute to discussions. A Law Group has been created within the Violet Network to allow NYU Law alumni to connect with current NYU Law students in an otherwise unstructured manner where mentors and mentees may set the parameters of their professional relationship. To join the Law Group, please activate your profile and go to the Groups tab to begin exploring. For questions, please email

Mentoring with LACA is a wonderful way to stay connected to NYU Law and the extended LACA Family, and to help foster the next generation of lawyers of color. For more information about either mentoring program, please contact

Happy Hours

LACA hosts a number of happy hours throughout the year, which give alumni and current students an opportunity for casual conversation and catching up.

We also organize a regular Happy Hour in Washington, DC, for alumni in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. In the fall of 2015, we piloted a semi-synchronized happy hour in Atlanta, Los Angeles, NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, South Florida and Washington DC. We hope to continue to roll out more regional happy hours in the near future. If you would like to organize a Happy Hour in your area, please let us know

Law Alumni Association

LACA works closely with the Law Alumni Association. Visit the LAA’s event calendar.

Other Opportunities at the Law School

Is there anything that you would like to see from LACA? Please let us know.