Spring 2024 Canceled Courses

Statistics for Lawyers (3/21/2024)
Rebecca Goldstein

Human Rights at Home: Advancing U.S. Social Justice Seminar & Writing Credit (1/19/2024)
Risa Kaufman

Professional Responsibility in Criminal Practice Seminar (1/16/2024)
David Patton

The Executive and Criminal Justice Reform Seminar & Writing Credit (12/22/2023)
Michael Bosworth

Patent and IP Licensing Seminar (12/22/2023)
Michael Kasdan

Taxation of Affiliated Corporations [REMOTE/ZOOM] (12/01/2023)
William Castleberry

Taxation of Affiliated Corporations [REMOTE/ZOOM] - for MSL (12/01/2023)
William Castleberry

Patent Law and the Life Sciences (11/29/2023)
Melanie Rupert & Bruce Wexler

Law and Development Colloquium: Writing Credit (10/05/2023)
Kevin E. Davis

Federal Courts and the Federal System (9/11/2023)
Roderick M. Hills

Legal Practice in Highly Political Environments Seminar & Writing Credit (9/07/2023)
Charles Cameron

1L Reading Group: Revisiting a Classic: Nomos and Narrative (8/15/2023)
Samuel J. Rascoff

Negotiation (8/7/2023)
Claire James

Survey of Intellectual Property (for 1Ls) (6/22/2023)

Contracts and Commercial Law (6/16/2023)
Edward Janger

Energy Transition: Law and Governance Seminar (6/6/2023)
Robert Seber

Energy Transition: Law and Governance Seminar - Writing Credit (6/6/2023)
Robert Seber

Corporate Bonds Simulation (4/12/2023)
Marcel Kahan