Academics and Courses

At NYU Law, academics are about more than just coursework; they are about interdisciplinary intellectual dialogue, first-hand lawyering, and clinical experiences—and always, a global approach to training the leaders of tomorrow.

Areas of Study

To get a sense of some of our academic specialties and the first-rate faculty that teach them—as well as the many centers, colloquia, lectures and student organizations that underscore them—explore the Areas of Study section. There you can learn about what we offer in Cities & Land Use; Constitutional, Civil Rights, & Democracy; Corporate & Commercial; Criminal Justice; Environmental; Family, Gender, & Sexuality; Global & International; Human Rights; Immigration; IP & Innovation; Labor & Employment; Law & Security, Legal Theory, History, & the Social Sciences; Litigation & Procedure; Regulation & Public Policy; and Taxation.

Graduate Programs

Our Graduate Division—one of the largest and most diverse in the nation—offers nine different full-time LLM degrees: A traditional LLM program, and eight specialized ones. In the traditional program, students shape a course of study to meet their own objectives. In the specialized programs, they pursue most of their coursework in one area, with some flexibility to take classes in other areas of interest. NYU Law also offers a JSD program, an Advanced Professional Certificate in Law and Business, and an Advanced Professional Certificate in Taxation, as well as two online master’s degrees: the Executive LLM in Taxation for lawyers, and the MSL in Taxation, a program designed for accountants and non-lawyers who have at least three years of professional experience with substantive tax issues.