The Tikvah Center for Law & Jewish Civilization

The Tikvah Fellows Program

Please note: the Tikvah Center is not currently accepting new applications.

The Tikvah Center will host, on an annual basis, a complement of scholars of the highest quality as Fellows who will spend ten months working on individual scholarly projects falling within the mission of The Tikvah Center for Law & Jewish Civilization, and/or the year's annual theme. The complement of Tikvah Fellows will be comprised of leading, established scholars, as well as promising standouts in the up-and coming-generation. Scholarship at the Center will apply the insights, sensibilities, normative considerations and experiences of Jewish Civilization on law and legal issues of significant academic and social significance.

Two categories of Fellows are envisaged – Thematic and “At-Large,” with a distinct preference for Thematic Fellows, who will be pursuing research and writing projects around the Theme selected by The Tikvah Center. The purpose of the Theme is not only to encourage research and writing in a certain area, but to create an intellectual community of scholars and educators whose projects share a high measure of affinity, producing the benefits of  intellectual and academic synergy and cross-fertilization. 

Fellows will contribute to the intellectual life of NYU School of Law and the wider community through various fora and an annual conference. It is intended that conversations among the Fellows during the year, workshops, seminars and the intellectual synergies of the group will enhance the quality of the scholarship produced and also create life-long networks among the Fellows. Scholarship resulting from Fellowships will appear in a series of publications of The Tikvah Center, including if appropriate the web site.