Student Organization Poster & E-Sign Guidelines and Policy

Flyers are one of the easiest ways to promote an event. Flyers must be stapled or pinned to a bulletin board and cannot be taped to other surfaces including walls, doors, windows or bathrooms.

Many student groups and journals publicize their events with posters. Posters to be displayed in the lobbies of Vanderbilt or Furman Halls must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The advertised event must be posted on the Law School Calendar (read more about how to do so here)
  • Vertical orientation only
  • Flat-mounted to foam core board
  • No smaller than 11” x 17”
  • No larger than 24” x 36”
  • Must be displayed on lobby poster ledges*

Student groups and journals may print posters through Duplicating Services. Simply email a PDF version of the poster to Duplicating Services at, and copy Student Affairs on the email ( If students need poster board, then come to the Office of Student Affairs (Furman Hall, Room 474), which can supply you with two 20 x 30” foam core boards per event. You should call to verify that Duplicating Services received your printing request at (212) 998-6049, and then bring them your foam boards for mounting the poster. Duplicating Services are located in Vanderbilt Hall basement. All posters can be displayed no earlier than a week before the day of the event, and picked up from Duplicating Services the day of the approved display date. Once printed, you may place the posters on the brass ledges in the Vanderbilt Hall and Furman Hall lobbies.

*Posters may be displayed on easels to direct event attendees on the day of your event. Easels can be requested from Hospitality and added to your event sheet when you organize the logistics of your event.

Your events can also be publicized on the monitors in Vanderbilt Hall and Furman Hall. E-signs for student group events are handled by Student Affairs. To ensure there is enough time to create your slide and incorporate it into the queue, you must submit the following information by email to at least two weeks before your scheduled event.  

  • Sponsoring group name
  • Date, Time and Location
  • Title
  • Brief description of event (1 or 2 sentences), including speaker name if applicable
  • Contact information

Your event must be listed on the Law School Calendar before a slide can be created. Typically slides are added to the queue seven days before the event.

Which events can be publicized with lobby posters and/or e-signs?
Posters and e-signs are for substantial events (e.g. lectures, panels etc.) and are not used for events like deadlines or planning meetings. If you are not sure if an event qualifies, please contact us.
Student Affairs                                                             
Office of Student Affairs                                          
Furman Hall, Room 474                                          
(212) 998-6658