Records and Registration


 You must use COURSES to participate in add/drop. Add/drop is processed on a daily basis and provides the ability to be placed on a waitlist. Your place on the waitlist is determined by the number of points bid on the course. 

NOTE: It is recommended that you complete your add/drop transactions well before midnight on the last day of the add/drop period to avoid problems connecting to or being disconnected from COURSES. No special accommodation can be made if you miss the deadline.

Dropping a Course after the Bidding Cycle has Ended 

  • After 9:30 a.m. on January 23, you must complete and submit a drop form. Students should go to the appropriate program office to complete and submit the drop form. It cannot be completed online via COURSES. You will also be required to visit the Office of Financial Services to learn how your drop may affect your financial aid package or loans.
  •  Except as provided below, a course may be dropped through 5:00 p.m. on the (general) last day of classes for that semester without a notation of WD. NOTE: Full-Time students must remain registered for the required number of credits for full-time status.
  • If any work has been evaluated or if any exam is given, you may not drop a course even if a final grade has not been received.
  • Please carefully note that if you are taking a seven-week course, the last day of the course is the deadline to drop it.

Dropping a Seminar, Colloquium, or Writing Credit After the Bidding Cycle has Ended 

  • You must obtain the signature of the professor and an advisor of the appropriate office using a add/drop form as COURSES will be closed for add/drop at that time.
  •  If permission has been granted on a add/drop form, a seminar, colloquium or writing credit may be dropped through 5:00 p.m. on the last day of classes for that semester (or for a seven-week course, on the last day of that class) without a notation of a WD provided that no work has been evaluated. 
  • No drops will be permitted once the reading/exam period has begun.
  • If a faculty member requires you to drop a course, seminar, or colloquium for failure to attend classes, you will be withdrawn with the notation of “WD.” Please note that these rules supersede the policy that a student may drop a course up until the last day of class without receiving a WD on his or her transcript.

Dropping a Year-Long Course 

  • You must complete the full year in order to receive credit for either semester, and you must be registered for both the Fall and the Spring semesters to have a space in the class. Registering for only one semester alone is not sufficient.
  • NOTE: If you bid for the Fall portion of the course, you do not have to list the Spring portion of the course as a high priority in your Spring bid selections. You may either list the Spring portion as low priority in you Spring bidding selections of simply add the Spring section using add/drop. Please do not register for other Spring classes that conflict with the Spring section of your year-long course.

Late Adds 

  • For Fall, students may not add courses or seminars after 9:30 a.m. on September 5, which is the end of the Fall 2019 add/drop period, and for the Spring 2020 after 9:30 a.m. on January 23.
  • In rare cases, when there are compelling personal circumstances (grave illness, family emergency, e.g.) a student may submit a petition to the Office of Academic Services for review by the Vice Dean to late add.
  • For seminars, both approval of the instructor and the Vice Dean is required.