Women of Color Collective honors Lindsay Kendrick

The Women of Color Collective (WoCC) honored Dean of Students and Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Lindsay Kendrick at the group’s 13th annual alumnae reception on March 4. Kendrick’s selection was a break from the group’s normal practice, WoCC co-chair Safeena Mecklai ’21 explained.

Safeena Mecklai, Lindsay Kendrick, Radhika Gupta, Trevor Morrison
Safeena Mecklai ’21, Lindsay Kendrick, Radhika Gupta ’21, Dean Trevor Morrison

“Normally at this event, we honor a Woman of Color alumna, but this year in service of our theme of ‘Building Bridges and Inspiring Minds,’ we thought that it would be appropriate to honor somebody who inspires us every day,” said Mecklai. “Dean Lindsay Kendrick is someone who on campus supports us, mentors us, and provides an outlet on our worst days and our best days.”

In introducing Kendrick, Dean Trevor Morrison said that she had become an invaluable member of NYU Law’s leadership during just 18 months at the Law School. Kendrick joined NYU Law in November 2018 as the school’s first assistant dean for diversity and inclusion, and moved into the role of dean of students in July 2019.

“Lindsay…brings a tremendous amount of wisdom and compassion and brilliance to her work, to combine that with a kind of human understanding and ability to understand what it takes to help individual people at the same time as advancing the goals of a big institution,” Morrison said.

In her remarks, Kendrick talked about experiences that had challenged and inspired her. “I decided the best way that women can support and build and empower one another is by sharing some stories, by sharing our stories,” she said. Among the stories she shared, Kendrick described the law firm partner who pushed her to take the lead in a presentation to a client, and the Torts professor who called her into her office after a disastrous cold-call—and gave her not just a tutorial in Torts, but also a slice of cake.

“I learned in that moment the power of caring and feeding for others, taking that opportunity to build each other up, and always carrying a piece of cake,” Kendrick said.

Kendrick finished by urging students to “take up space, be loud, be bold.” She said: “There is nothing more inspiring than seeing your faces and hearing your stories. You all are the reason that I get up. I want you to know that anything is possible and I draw my inspiration from you.”

Posted April 2, 2020