Student Spotlight: William Walant ’22

William Walant

Student Fellow, Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement
Louis H. Solomon Scholarship

What drew you to NYU Law?

One of the most important factors for me was finding a law school where I would be provided with the support and programs I needed to develop myself as a thinker and as an aspiring lawyer—from the moment I stepped foot into Vanderbilt Hall, I knew NYU was that place. Every student I met on Accepted Students Day was genuinely excited to be at NYU, and I was struck by the welcoming and passionate professors I spoke with during lunch. My sense at the time was that NYU Law had a unique community; this has proven to be entirely true, especially by my classmates, who are some of the brightest and most supportive people I have ever met. Just as important, I knew early on that I was interested in the legal field of white-collar crime, so I was thrilled to find a school where I could deepen that interest alongside other students in the Program on Corporate Compliance & Enforcement (PCCE).

What unique opportunities has your fellowship provided?

The PCCE Fellowship has allowed me to explore my interest in the legal issues surrounding white-collar crime by learning from leading experts in the field. Even during the pandemic, we have had virtual conversations with attorneys who led major corporate crime cases or spearheaded tackling compliance issues in-house. PCCE also has a blog with editors from the Fellowship, providing me a great way to stay up to date with current legal issues in the field. Most of all, it’s been a pleasure getting to know both NYU student fellows and senior fellows outside NYU who have joined in this community.

What do you like about going to law school in New York City?

The fact that NYU is located in New York City means more than just being neighbors with some of the world’s best restaurants and art centers—it also means having unparalleled access to opportunities at leading institutions. For instance, this past fall, I externed at the US Attorneys’ Office for the Southern District of New York. Here, I was taught by practicing SDNY attorneys and got hands-on experience by working on live matters. That externship has been one of the highlights of my law school career so far.

Posted July 13, 2021