Student Spotlight: Vishal Reddy ’22

Vishal Reddy

Former Co-Director of the South Asian Law Students Association

What drew you to NYU Law?

I was drawn to NYU Law because of its strong public interest community. I knew that I wanted to spend my time in law school surrounded by people who were passionate about upending the law and amplifying the power of working class communities.

Talk about your former role as co-director of the South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA).

In undergrad, I was not part of any affinity groups. That significantly changed once coming to law school, to the point where I served as one of the co-directors of SALSA during my 2L year. This is largely due to the NYU SALSA community being one of the most supportive communities I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. We are smaller than some of the other affinity groups but this leads to an intimate and familial dynamic. Whether it’s the informal community support or the more practical support (i.e. sharing notes and outlines, or professor recommendations), it’s been comforting to know SALSA is always ready to support.

What has been your favorite law school class so far?

My favorite class so far has been Civil Rights Law with Professor Baher Azmy ’96, who also serves as legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights. He teaches class with a political orientation that people-powered social movements —not elite interests— drive ethical political change. His keen eye for how politics and societal power struggles shape the trajectory of each decision has helped sharpen my legal skills.

Do you have a favorite podcast that you’d like to recommend?

I tend to like podcasts that are a very light listen, so I listen to a lot of The Ringer’s movies and sports podcasts.

Posted January 19, 2022.