Student Spotlight: Sophia Cianfrani ’24

Tell us about your experience serving as editor-in-chief of the Moot Court Board.
It has been the highlight of my time in law school. At NYU Law, Moot Court Board (MCB) is not only a moot court competition team, but also a journal. Each year MCB competes in 17 moot court competitions around the country; hosts the Orison S. Marden Competition, an internal competition for NYU’s 2Ls, 3Ls, and LLMs; and hosts the Immigration Law Competition, an external competition in which 26 law schools compete. We also publish the Casebook, which is the most widely recognized and utilized set of moot court problems in the nation, and Proceedings, an online journal that documents new approaches to unsettled legal questions.

Sophia Cianfrani
Sophia Cianfrani ’24

Moot Court Board’s members constantly amaze me! It has been so rewarding to watch our members compete in (and win!) moot court competitions, write fantastic Casebook problems and Proceedings contributions, and organize competitions as well as other events focused on oral advocacy. Beyond just winning competitions, it has been incredible to watch our members’ confidence in their oral advocacy and brief writing skills grow this year.

What do you consider your biggest Moot Court accomplishment?
My biggest accomplishment was making it to the final round of the Global Antitrust Invitational Moot Court Competition last year. I joined the Moot Court Board to push myself  out of my comfort zone, and this competition certainly did. I had no antitrust experience before the competition, and within a few months I argued before DC Circuit Court judges and commissioners on the Federal Trade Commission and really enjoyed it! For me, Moot Court has been refreshingly hands-on for a law school extracurricular, and I think that a lot of the research, writing, and oral advocacy skills developed while preparing for a competition will translate well into practice. 

What has been your favorite law school class so far?
Museum Law with Professor Hima Gleason! While I don't plan on becoming a museum lawyer, I had so much fun taking this class and it was interesting to see how so many areas of law impact museums. I love visiting new museums, and now I have a new perspective on them.

What is the best part about going to law school in New York City?
I think that going to school in New York City has made law school much less stressful! There is always something fun to do as a study break, whether that be walking around a park or trying a new restaurant.

Posted on March 21, 2024