Student Spotlight: Lily Liu ’25

You graduated from NYU Gallatin with a BA in Politics through Art History, and serve as publicity chair of the Art Law Society. Tell us about your interest in the connection between art and law.

Growing up in an artistic family, I have always been interested in the arts. In college, I wanted to explore the link between art and activism; specifically, I was fascinated by ways we can use art to build powerful narratives for change, as well as meta questions such as how different identities are portrayed in the artwork and for whose eyes. I knew that I wanted a career that retains this expressive aspect but also has a more direct impact on society. 

Lily Liu
Lily Liu ’25

To this end, I started a nonprofit to contextualize feminism in China. My team and I highlighted the importance of female leadership in corporate China, and we hosted panels and events to provide a safe space to discuss ways of amplifying each other’s presence in traditionally male-dominated industries. I then decided to go to law school because I wanted to combine my passion for nonprofit and advocacy with my interest in the corporate world, while equipping myself with practical legal tools and vocabularies. In the future, I hope to combine both fields to create meaningful synergies for creating a more inclusive culture in both the industry and the environment I’m working in.

What has been your favorite law school class so far?

Corporations. I like learning about ways people can form a common entity to work together toward a shared goal, and I also like exploring how these professional relationship norms are defined and regulated by statutes and cases. That being said, if people were acting single-heartedly in real-world circumstances all the time, then there would be a lot fewer cases for us to read. Therefore, I really admire the efforts and consideration being put into using the same tools to both hold people accountable for their actions and give them credit for their accomplishments, especially when the stakeholders’ interests are not necessarily aligned. 

What is your favorite part about being an NYU Law student?    

My favorite part about being an NYU Law student is being among the people here. Originally from Beijing, I spent time living and studying in different parts of China, Australia, France, and the US. Being constantly exposed to different cultures and ways of living, I’m used to navigating new and unfamiliar environments on my own, but NYU Law felt like home immediately. The people at NYU Law are some of the smartest, kindest, and most diligent people I’ve known, and I have developed valuable relationships with those around me through both informal and formal programs. As the first person in my family to attend law school, I really appreciate the mentorship infrastructure at NYU Law, and my peers and professors will continue to inspire me.

I am also involved in the Birnbaum Women’s Leadership Center and the Jacobson Program in Law and Business, and they have both provided me with great opportunities to deepen my understanding of what it means to be a leader and to interact with my peers. I especially appreciate Birnbaum's Sara Moss Women’s Leadership Training Program back in January, where the fellows came together to reflect on our growth and learn techniques that will help us excel in our future careers. I also look forward to taking the Jacobson seminar next year, where I will have the opportunity to dive deep into an issue in law and business.

Favorite way to spend a day in New York City?

I really appreciate the vibrant culture and the art scene in New York. My favorite way to spend a day would be to wake up early and eat breakfast while getting on the phone with my family. After the call, I would walk along the Hudson River to the Chelsea area. I might hop into the galleries to see what’s going on or simply enjoy a bowl of noodles in the Chelsea Market. In the afternoon, I would go to a cafe to work or people-watch. A perfect way to end the day would be to watch the sunset by the water, if it’s not too windy. 

Posted on November 13, 2023