Student Scholar: Logan Cotton ’22

Logan Cotton

Fellow, Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement
Fellow, Moelis Urban Law & Public Affairs
Jacobson Leadership Program in Law and Business Scholarship
Nordlicht Family Law and Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship

What has been the best surprise about your law school experience?

I came to law school partially expecting the horror stories of hypercompetitive classmates, sabotage, and ruthlessness. Instead, I’ve found that NYU Law students are, all in all, pretty chill. Of course there are still the students who do the absolute most, the ones whose hands are always up, the ones whose questions are really comments. However, what I have been pleasantly surprised by at NYU is a lot of peers who want to learn, want to help, and want to be kind. I’m genuinely thankful for that.

What has been your favorite law school class so far?

I hope it isn’t cheating to name two. Corporations with Robert Jackson and Property with Daniel Hulsebosch have been my favorites. Both professors teach their classes with an infectious joy and curiosity that makes them meaningful, rigorous, and fun.

Do you have a favorite podcast that you’d like to recommend?

I’m a huge fan of The Ezra Klein Show, which is great for thoughtful discussions about topics ranging from politics to quantum mechanics to the way that humans “make” emotions. I’m also a devoted listener of The Ringer’s NBA podcast titled, “The Mismatch,” with Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor.

Have you discovered any new hobbies or ways to spend time indoors? 

I’ve enjoyed rediscovering an interest in comic books. I always love going into a comic shop and poking around for something new to read, but I allowed work or school to get in the way over the last few years. With all the time we have spent indoors this winter, I loved that I could dig back into an old hobby and support a small business by ordering new comics. I’ve been a fan of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ run with Black Panther and with Captain America, as well as the Saga series by Brian Vaughn.

Posted March 26, 2021