Michael Livermore ’06 joins faculty of University of Virginia School of Law

Michael Livermore '06

Michael Livermore ’06, executive director of NYU Law’s Institute for Policy Integrity, is joining the faculty of the University of Virginia School of Law this July.

Livermore is the co-author with Dean Richard Revesz of Retaking Rationality: How Cost-Benefit Analysis Can Better Protect the Environment and Our Health, which they began working on while Livermore was a student in Dean Revesz’s Environmental Law class. Soon after their book was published, Livermore and Revesz founded the Institute for Policy Integrity, where they served as executive director and faculty director, respectively. Under Livermore’s leadership, the Institute for Policy Integrity has initiated a large number of successful research, educational, and advocacy efforts, in the process becoming a respected voice in often contentious debates over environmental, public health, and consumer regulation.

Highlights of Livermore’s tenure include significant reports on the regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act; the publication by Oxford University Press of The Globalization of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Policy, co-edited with Dean Revesz; the founding of the Administrative and Regulatory State Clinic (now the Regulatory Policy Clinic), which trains students in advanced administrative lawyering skills; and dozens of high-impact advocacy projects on issues ranging from mercury pollution to prison safety. While at UVA Law, Livermore will remain affiliated with the Institute for Policy Integrity in a senior advisory role.

Livermore is one of fourteen alumni of the Furman Academic Scholars Program, launched in 2002, who have secured tenure-track professorships at leading academic institutions across the country. Other alumni include Nicholas Bagley ’05 and Kristina Daugirdas ’05 at the University of Michigan; Tabatha Abu El-Haj ’04 at Drexel University; Harlan Cohen ’03 at the University of Georgia; Erin Delaney ’07 at Northwestern University; Alexander Guerrero ’08 at the University of Pennsylvania, Margaret Lemos ’01 at Duke University; Margaret Lewis ’03 at Seton Hall University; Terry Maroney ’98 at Vanderbilt University; Theodore Rave '06 at the University of Houston; Rebecca Stone '09 at the University of California, Los Angeles; and NYU Law Professors David Kamin ’09 and Troy McKenzie ’00.

Posted on May 2, 2013