Masthead 2022

Editorial Director Emily Barker

Senior Creative Director David Niedenthal

Special Acknowledgement
Assistant Dean for Communications and Chief Communications Officer Rebekah Carmichael

Editors Atticus Gannaway, Alana Grambush, Michael Orey, Jill Rachlin, and Emily Rosenthal

Designers Michael Bierman and Cheryl Hark

Design Coordinator Justin Harrison

Writers Atticus Gannaway, Alana Grambush, Michael Orey, and Emily Rosenthal

Digital Content Rachel Burns, Clayton Gates, Jill Rachlin, and Jesse Soursourian

Photographers Dan Creighton, Cole Giordano, Bob Handelman, Sam Hollenshead, Bill Moree, Brooke Slezak, and Juliana Thomas

Copy Editors Kelli Rae Patton and Kathleen Schienle

Photo retouching by Tito Saubidet

Cover photograph by Bob Handelman

Printed by Full Circle Color

Special thanks to the NYU Photo Bureau and NYU Archives

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