On the Road: Mapping global engagement by NYU Law faculty during summer 2023

Map of the world with passport stamps

This past summer, dozens of NYU Law professors left Washington Square for destinations across the country and around the globe, following a long stretch when the pandemic had limited travel. Their voyages took them to locales as disparate as Bali, Indonesia, and Bristol, England, to teach, lecture, participate in conferences and workshops, and conduct research.

As we did for many years prior to Covid, we surveyed faculty members about their scholarship-related summer sojourns, and then charted their travels.

Our 2023 map—embedded below or viewable in this full-screen version—shows the 60 cities in 25 countries that were visited by 36 faculty members. Click on the map pins to read details about individual appearances. The left-hand panel in the full-screen version allows navigation by faculty member name.

A few examples capture the range of locations visited and topics that faculty members engaged with this summer. University Professor Joseph Weiler’s travels took him to 10 cities across two continents and Oceana, including a stop in Auckland, New Zealand, where he delivered a lecture titled “Is the Church of European Integration Facing a Reformation? Should It?” In Accra, Ghana, Professor of Clinical Law Deborah Archer participated in the panel discussion “Race, Transportation, and the Badges and Incidents of Slavery” at the Slavery Past, Present, and Future 2023 Conference. And Norman Dorsen Professor of Civil Liberties Erin Murphy reports that a criminal justice roundtable she attended in Cambridge, Massachusetts “culminated in a ‘Mobsters and Lobsters’ tour of Boston, a perfect fit for criminal law faculty!”

Posted August 30, 2023