Geoffrey Miller speaks at Central Bank of Paraguay

Geoffrey Miller, Stuyvesant P. Comfort Professor of Law, visited Paraguay in December when he delivered a lecture at the Central Bank and met privately with Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes.

Miller, right, with Paraguay's President Horacio Cartes

Miller’s remarks on “Setting Corporate Governance Standards for Financial Institutions—Challenges and Benefits from a Regulatory Approach” addressed recent developments in the governance of financial institutions, in particular the growth of risk management, internal audit, and compliance as control functions within complex firms. The lecture was attended by leading bankers, lawyers, economists and government officials. 

Miller also met privately with Carlos Fernández Valdovinos, the president of the Central Bank, to discuss issues relating to the development of the banking sector in Paraguay.

With President Cartes, Miller discussed Paraguay’s ambitious plans for upgrading the country’s educational institutions and for making Paraguay a center for higher education within Latin America.

Fernando Jesús Filartiga Cantero LLM '14 facilitated Miller's visit to Paraguay.

Posted January 22, 2014