Scholarly Destinations: During summer 2018, faculty members brought and sought ideas around the globe

Map of the world made up of immigration stamps

Back in June 2012, Professor Eleanor Fox ’61’s ambitious summer travel plans—which included visits to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jerusalem, Geneva, and Brussels to deliver talks on comparative competition law—inspired us to write a web story mapping her peregrinations. Three months later we went on to publish our first map showing the locations visited by a multitude of NYU Law faculty members during the summer of 2012 to deliver or attend lectures, participate in conferences, teach, or pursue other scholarly engagement.

We now present the map for summer 2018, which you can find embedded below or view in this full-screen version. All told, this year’s map contains 100 entries for 35 reporting faculty members. It captures the breadth of locations visited (Bangkok, Thailand by Professor Franco Ferrari; Bochum, Germany by Crystal Eastman Professor of Law Catherine Sharkey; Dunedin, New Zealand by University Professor—and native New Zealander--Jeremy Waldron) as well as a wide range of activities. Melissa Murray co-moderated an Aspen Institute Seminar in Aspen, Colorado; Professor of Clinical Law Margaret Satterthwaite ’99 visited indigenous communities in Lago Agrio, Ecuador; and University Professor Joseph Weiler received an honorary doctorate from Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya.

And Fox, who is the Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation, was still racking up the air miles as well, making appearances in eight cities, from Chicago, where she participated in in a panel discussion on international antitrust issues to Heraklion, Greece, where she delivered a keynote address at a conference on competition policy and regulation.

Click on the map pins to read details about individual appearances or open the left-hand panel for navigation by name. You may also review a list of names and appearances (PDF 376.6).

Posted August 31, 2018