Four NYU Law professors appointed as research members of European Corporate Governance Institute

Four professors on the NYU Law faculty have been selected as research members of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI), an international nonprofit association focused on major corporate governance issues that provides a forum for academics, legislators, and practitioners to engage in debate and dialogue.

Among ECGI’s 71 new research members are Barry Adler, Bernard Petrie Professor of Law and Business; Professor Ryan Bubb; Professor Robert Jackson Jr. (on leave); and Edward Rock, Martin Lipton Professor of Law. Research members are selected for their contributions to the field of corporate governance study; their work is distributed through the ECGI’s extensive global network.

The ranks of ECGI’s research members also include two NYU Law faculty members named in previous years: Marcel Kahan, George T. Lowy Professor of Law, who is also an ECGI fellow, and Geoffrey Miller, Stuyvesant P. Comfort Professor of Law.

“The European Corporate Governance Institute is a leading organization of corporate law and finance scholars from Europe and the US,” says Kahan. “It is a big honor for my colleagues, and a major achievement for the corporate group at NYU Law, to have four of our faculty members be appointed as research members to the ECGI this year.”

Posted May 9, 2018