Carl Weisbrod ’68 appointed as chair of New York City Planning Commission

Carl Weisbrod '68

On Friday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appointed Carl Weisbrod ’68 as the new chair of the City Planning Commission. Weisbrod was a co-chair of De Blasio’s transition committee and, having served the New York City government in various capacities during four other mayoral administrations, brings significant experience to his new role.

“Carl is a quintessential New Yorker. He brings a real passion for our neighborhoods and our diversity across the five boroughs. And he also understands exactly how the city can shape development to stoke the most growth, the strongest affordability, and the best jobs for New Yorkers. He is ready to take these challenges head-on,” said De Blasio in a press release.

Starting off as an anti-poverty lawyer in the Department of Relocation under Mayor John Lindsay, Weisbrod was later appointed by Mayor Edward Koch ’48 to lead efforts to revitalize Times Square. Over the course of the Koch administration, Weisbrod served as executive director of the New York City Department of City Planning, executive director of the National Service Program, and chairman of the New York City Loft Board. Weisbrod later served as the founding president of the New York City Economic Development Corporation under Mayor David Dinkins. During Michael Bloomberg’s administration, Weisbrod was director of the Trust for Governor’s Island and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. He has also served as the founding president of the Alliance for Downtown New York, and the head of the real estate division of Trinity Church.

“I love this city. I’ve spent my entire career revitalizing its neighborhoods and making sure New Yorkers were the ones who benefited from good growth in their communities,” said Weisbrod in a press release from the office of the mayor. “We have such an enormous opportunity to put people to work in good-paying jobs, build affordable homes, and create stronger, more resilient communities—but that demands an approach that doesn’t let a single tool sit idle. We are committed to striking tough bargains and making farsighted decisions that protect New Yorkers and help us build a stronger city.”

Posted on February 7, 2014