Three days, three lectures: Jeremy Waldron delivers Hamlyn Lectures in England

Jeremy WaldronOn May 10-12, University Professor Jeremy Waldron delivered three lectures—one each day—as part of the Hamlyn Lecture series, held annually since 1949 to give distinguished legal minds an opportunity to further knowledge and understanding of the law.

Waldron’s overarching topic was “The Rule of Law and the Measure of Property.” He delivered the first lecture, “The Classical Lockean Picture and Its Difficulties,” at the University of Oxford. The next lecture, “Unravelling the Form and Substance of Property,” took place at the University of Warwick. The final installment, “Reconceiving the Relation Between Property and the Rule of Law,” was held at the University of London’s Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

In delivering this year’s Hamlyn Lectures, Waldron focused on the relation between property rights and the rule of law. He argued that, despite his use of John Locke’s phrase “the measure of property” in the thematic title, the non-Lockean aspects of the origin, legal status, and moral force of property deserve attention. Waldron aimed to reveal assumptions about the close connection between property rights and the rule of law in neo-liberal political economy.

The Hamlyn Lecture series is administered by the University of Exeter.

Posted on May 23, 2011