NYU Law joins partnership to help less advantaged students gain admission to top law schools

The NYU School of Law has partnered with Harvard Law School and the Advantage Testing Foundation to launch the Training and Recruitment Initiative for Admission to Leading Law Schools (TRIALS), a five-week summer residential program that aims to help underrepresented students from modest backgrounds get into the nation's top law schools. The program is fully subsidized by the three partners with the help of a grant from the Heckscher Foundation, and hosted by either NYU or Harvard in alternating years. It offers rigorous LSAT preparation from Advantage Testing Foundation instructors, lectures by prominent legal luminaries, and opportunities to meet with and observe lawyers in the field. Additionally, students will have the chance to form communities similar to those they might find in law school. Harvard will host the inaugural year of TRIALS this summer, with NYU Law hosting in 2010.

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Posted January 16, 2009