Daniel Shaviro explores the tax-electivity of U.S. corporate residence at 15th Tillinghast lecture (VIDEO)

Photo of Daniel ShaviroOn September 21, Daniel Shaviro, the Wayne Perry Professor of Taxation, delivered the 15th annual David R. Tillinghast Lecture on International Taxation to a crowd of 300 students and practitioners. In “The Rising Tax-Electivity of U.S. Corporate Residence,” Shaviro explored the tension that exists between the U.S. system of worldwide taxation on resident corporations and the ease with which companies can decide to incorporate domestically and abroad.

H. David Rosenbloom, director of the International Tax Program, who introduced Shaviro, called the Tillinghast Lecture "the signal event of the international tax program," and thanked the man for whom it was named. Rosenbloom also took a moment to honor the memory of Paul McDaniel, considered the driving force behind the launch of the International Tax Program, who passed away earlier this year. "Paul's contribution to this program was just immeasurable," said Rosenbloom. "He was an absolute giant in this field, and I want to honor his memory, his contribution, and my profound respect for everything he did."

Watch the full lecture (1 hr 23 min):

Posted September 24, 2010