NYU Law among top three partner-generating schools nationwide, according to study

NYU School of Law ranks among the top three law schools in terms of the number of alumni from the past 25 years who are partners at the 100 largest U.S. firms, according to a new study by Professor Theodore Seto of Loyola Law School Los Angeles.

In “Where Do Partners Come From?,” slated for publication in the Journal of Legal Education, NYU Law placed third on the list of partner-generating schools nationwide, and first on the list of schools whose alumni from 1986 and later are partners at top firms in New York City. NYU Law also tied with Columbia Law School for ninth place on the list of feeder schools for partnerships at top Boston firms.

Analyzing the data, Seto wrote, “For hiring partners, the results may be relevant to deciding where to spend recruiting resources. For law school applicants interested in becoming big-firm partners, they may be relevant to deciding where to attend.... All else being equal, students who aspire to join such firms are more likely to have an opportunity to do so if they attend schools with established feeder relationships.”

Posted on August 19, 2011