James Jacobs wins Guggenheim Foundation fellowship

The Guggenheim Foundation named James Jacobs, Chief Justice Warren E. Burger Professor of Constitutional Law and the Courts, as one of its 2012 fellows on April 12. Jacobs was one of 181 fellows named, selected from nearly 3,000 applicants. The award will support Jacobs’s current research for a book on jurisprudential and policy issues surrounding criminal records.

"I have been working on criminal record issues for the last several years," says Jacobs. During this time, he has published more than a dozen articles on the topic, several of which compare criminal records policy in Europe and the U.S. His book, to be published by Harvard University Press in 2014, it is tentatively titled The Negative C.V.

The Guggenheim awards fellowships to a diverse group of individuals, scholars, artists, writers, and scientists. Jacobs was one of only two individuals named in the field of law. "I am honored and grateful to have been selected as a 2012 Guggenheim Fellow,” Jacobs said. “I am so fortunate to have been an NYU faculty member for 30 years. No scholar could ask for a more supportive and stimulating environment."

Posted April 16, 2012