Institute for Policy Integrity report drawing attention to flawed state regulatory procedures

A new Institute for Policy Integrity report criticizing states’ rulemaking procedures is receiving media attention around the country. “52 Experiments with Regulatory Review: The Political and Economic Inputs into State Rulemaking,” authored by Jason Schwartz '06, is the first report to compile the regulatory practices of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C. All 52 received a letter grade and none scored higher than Iowa’s B-plus.

IPI compared each state’s laws and guidelines against direct feedback from government officials and public stakeholders involved in the regulatory review practices. The average grade was D-plus. A November 25 Associated Press article detailed the report’s findings on New York and the debate over whether the state over-regulates. "This is not a problem of too much regulation," said Dean Richard Revesz. "It's a question of crafting the right kind of regulation."

“52 Experiments” also received local coverage in the Auburn Citizen, the Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette's Sustained Outrage blog, the Cherry Hill (N.J.) Courier-Post, and the Orlando Sentinel.

Posted November 30, 2010