NYU Law edges out Columbia Law 59-57 for Deans’ Cup victory

On April 12, NYU Law staged a comeback win against Columbia Law School in the Deans’ Cup.  The charity basketball game, a tradition for 17 years, offers a chance for the schools to battle it out while also raising funds for public interest work. Further, it provides students a unique opportunity to ditch the books and cheer on their classmates in a friendly competition.

After losing to NYU Law 81-64 in 2017, Columbia was looking for revenge. Both teams had a terrific turnout of fans. Students and faculty members came to support their school equipped with signs, pom-poms, and giant cutouts of the players’ faces. The game was initially slow-paced but would end up a nail-biter.

For the first 20 minutes, Columbia dominated. NYU Law’s offensive sequences were riddled with missed foul shots and turnovers. The team’s troubles were only exacerbated by its inability to defend against the Lions’ star player #5. By the end of the first half, NYU trailed by 11 points.

However, it was a tale of two halves, and the second belonged to NYU Law. Curtis Smith ’20 provided offensive production for the Purple and White. Noah Fischbach ’19 displayed rebounding prowess, coming down with boards at pivotal moments. But it was the defense by Julian Clark ’19 that changed the Violets’ fate as he shut down the opponent’s MVP.

NYU Law brought the score to 44-44 with two minutes left. Smith emphatically drove past his defender and scored the go-ahead bucket. The clock wound down as the game ended in foul shots. Despite a valiant attempt, the game slipped away from Columbia. As the clock struck zero, the proud Violet fans stormed the court to hoist the trophy with their team, which had prevailed 59-57.

Sticking with tradition, the faculty of both schools faced off during half-time. Dean Trevor Morrison played point guard for NYU Law. The NYU Law faculty trailed by two as Morrison ran the floor and passed it inside the paint for a layup. The faculty game ended with a 6-6 tie. 

Posted April 23, 2018