NYU Law hosts Next Generation of Antitrust Scholarship Conference (VIDEO)

On January 29, NYU Law, the American Association of Law Schools, and the American Bar Association sponsored the Next Generation of Antitrust Scholarship Conference, bringing together professors who started teaching after 1999 to focus on legal and economic developments in the antitrust field.

Speakers from U.S. and foreign law schools addressed such topics as the rule of reason in retail price maintenance, following in the Supreme Court’s Leegin decision; deterring cartels; predatory bundling; and the intersection of intellectual property and competition policy.
More-seasoned antitrust experts also attended--both academics and practitioners, who commented on papers submitted by the newer entrants to the field. Two of the veterans were from NYU: Eleanor Fox, Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation, and Harry First, Charles L. Denison Professor and Director of the law schools Trade Regulation Program.

Posted February 8, 2010

Watch video of Panel 2 (1 hr 28 min):

Watch video of Panel 3 (1 hr 35 min):