Professors Alvarez and Kingsbury will lead the American Journal of International Law

Professors José  Alvarez and Benedict Kingsbury will lead the American Journal of International Law

Professors José Alvarez and Benedict Kingsbury have been voted co-editors in chief designate of the American Journal of International Law (AJIL), published by the American Society of International Law (ASIL).

When they assume responsibility for the AJIL at the end of March 2013, Alvarez and Kingsbury will bring the journal back under NYU Law’s leadership. AJIL had been edited by Charles L. Denison Professor of Law Emeritus Theodor Meron in the 1990s and by the late Thomas M. Franck in the 1980s. It was co-founded in 1907 by Elihu Root, former U.S. Secretary of State and NYU Law alumnus.

Alvarez, the Herbert and Rose Rubin Professor of International Law, served as president for the ASIL from 2006-08 and is currently honorary vice president and lifetime member of the society’s executive council. Both Alvarez and Kingsbury had previously served for 10 years on the journal’s board of editors.

Alvarez and Kingsbury share a goal of steering the AJIL in a direction that represents a diversity of theoretical perspectives in international law, and not just those from U.S.-based perspectives, said Alvarez. This initiative would include reaching out to societies of international law in other regions to collaborate on symposia and other initiatives. “The dramatic growth and changing demographics in the ranks of international law practitioners, scholars and students worldwide pose challenges for a journal that is both American and global, general and expert. The Journal's nature and reach also must be responsive to the possibilities and demands of the world of the internet, blogs, social media, and continually developing technologies,“ Alvarez and Kingsbury said in a statement.

The AJIL is the second major journal in the field to come under the stewardship of NYU Law faculty. The European Journal of International Law is led by NYU University Professor and Joseph Straus Professor of Law Joseph H.H.Weiler.

Posted November 26, 2012