Student Spotlight: Mary McNicholas ’24

NYU Law Dean's Graduate Scholar;
Lester R. Bachner Scholar

Mary McNicholas ’24
Mary McNicholas ’24

What do you enjoy about being a NYU Law student?

One of my favorite parts of NYU Law is the learning environment. My professors are all so dedicated to teaching and my classmates are some of the smartest people I've ever met. I had always heard that law school was brutally competitive, but my experience here has been the exact opposite. The environment is collaborative and welcoming, and I've learned so much from the entire NYU Law community both in and out of the classroom.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of the classroom?

I’m a co-vice president of Law Women and a professional development chair for OUTLaw. I’ve met so many friends and taken advantage of professional and social opportunities with both of these groups. It's been so meaningful to contribute to two groups dedicated to supporting and connecting historically marginalized communities in the law.

Favorite place to grab coffee or a treat before class?

Mi Tea! The drinks are great and the very friendly owner is usually at the store—he’s always excited to offer drink recommendations. I usually go for the cheese-covered matcha, but you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

What has been your favorite law school class so far?

I’m currently participating in a new program called the State Legislative Externship, which matches students with state legislators to draft bills. I’m paired with Assemblymember Ron Kim who represents New York State Assembly District 40 in Queens. We’re working to introduce legislation that would empower workers to vindicate their rights when employers violate labor laws, and to reduce harm caused by the child welfare system. I’ve sought guidance from NYU Law faculty on a range of topics, and found them all willing to share their time and experience on issues from forced arbitration to family law. It’s been an incredible and practical learning experience, and totally unique to NYU Law!