Student Spotlight: Jonathan Arone ’24

George T. Lowy Scholar

Tell us about your experience in the Civil Rights in the Criminal Legal System Clinic.

Jonathan Arone
Jonathan Arone ’24

This clinic with Professor Alexis Karteron was an immensely rewarding experience. A fellow 2L and I worked to originate a civil rights case as part of our fieldwork, while also learning  different modalities of lawyering in our seminar. Through a client-focused approach in our case, we helped our client tell their story of traumatic events that violated disability law and infringed their constitutional rights.  I also proposed a new private right of action based on a little-known statute that clearly supported our client’s claims.  We had the privilege of meeting with our client throughout the semester and thinking creatively to leverage our legal training to address what they wanted and deserved. 

Our eight-person seminar allowed us to consult on our classmates' varied fieldwork in community-led and client settings, study § 1983 claims and defenses, meet with guest speakers, and critique case studies of civil rights litigation.

What has been your favorite law school class so far?

Definitely procedure, whether Civil Procedure with Professor Jonah Gelbach or Criminal Procedure with Professor Andrew Weissmann. (No one who knows me will be surprised.) The underlying rules governing the adjudication of legal claims reflect deep, substantive policy choices made at some point by courts and legislatures, not to mention historical experiences from the Framers to today. Fundamental questions of fairness, efficiency, and justice lie hidden in rules that might at first seem dull or inaccessible. 

What is your favorite part of being a NYU Law student?

My classmates at NYU are the most remarkable group of people I've ever seen under one roof. Not only are they, to a person, brilliant and creative thinkers, but they importantly bring different passions to different issues in the world.  My classmates' diversity of both experience and professional interests continues to be the foundation for my own education, and I hope to pay it forward by taking on mentorship roles in my 3L year.

What is one thing that instantly makes your day better?

Discovering a new album, whatever the genre—especially if it's by a new artist. Currently I have Lunar Vacation's discography in heavy rotation.

Posted on May 25, 2023