Student Spotlight: Ana Leticia Allevato, LLM ’22

Ana Leticia Allevato, LLM ’22

What is your favorite part about being a NYU Law student?
Being part of a diverse community. When talking to students from different universities, I feel that NYU has done an incredible job in selecting students from the most various regions, with different backgrounds and stories to share. This diversity certainly enriches the whole LLM experience, from class debates to making new friendships and professional connections. In addition to the broadening of academic expertise and professional skills, we are developing ourselves as individuals. 
What has been your favorite law school class so far?
Trademarks and False Advertising Law with Professor Barton Beebe. Prior to joining the LLM program, I have worked for seven years with trademarks at a law firm in Brazil, so when applying for this class I was hoping to obtain additional knowledge about American trademark law and the opportunity to contrast it with my Brazilian perspective. I gained much more. Not only has Professor Beebe provided the students with didactic explanations about the American system, but he has also engaged us in incredibly interesting discussions about trademark depletion, consumers search costs, the future of trademarks in general and potential consequences to the market.
What do you like about going to law school in New York City?
Mainly the possibility to be in contact with different cultures with no need to get on a plane. Also, having a particular interest in the fashion industry, being on a campus located in one of the most important fashion capitals in the world and home to expert practitioners in the field of fashion law is a unique opportunity. It allows me  to closely keep track of the innovative business trends in that industry and discuss the latest developments in fashion law.
What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of the classroom?
Eating. I love exploring the city to find restaurants with student-friendly prices. There are many great restaurants offering special lunch menus during the week, my favorite being Piccola Cucina.