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2021-2023 Law and Business Entrepreneurship Fellow

2021 Jacobson fellow

Sergio Alberto Gramitto Ricci 

Sergio is the Jacobson Fellow at New York University School of Law. He specializes in corporate law, corporate governance, and corporate theory. His research investigates the nature and purpose of corporations as well as cutting edge corporate governance and corporate law issues. 

Sergio’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Australian Journal of Corporate Law, the Cornell Law Review, the Mississippi Law Journal, the Nevada Law Journal, and the Seattle Law Review. It has also been featured in blogs and magazines, including the CLS Blue Sky Blog—the Columbia Law School's Blog on Corporations and Capital Markets, TheCorporateCounsel.net, Forbes, the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance, the Machine Lawyering Blog of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Oxford Business Law Blog. In addition, Sergio co-authored the book Citizen Capitalism: How a Universal Fund Can Provide Influence and Income to All. 

Prior to joining NYU, Sergio served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at Cornell Law School, where he was also the Assistant Director of the Clarke Program on Corporations & Society, and held a tenure-track position at Monash University, in Australia. At Cornell Law School, Sergio taught the mainstream Business Organizations course as well as the seminars Comparative Corporate Governance and Corporations and Other Legal Persons and the class Law and Policy of Food Systems.



Divine Law for Corporations, 45 SEATTLE U. L. REV. __ (forthcoming 2022) (with Mohamed Arafa and Giancarlo Anello) (invited Article—Berle XII Symposium) 

Corporate Governance Gaming: The Power of Retail Investors, 22 Nev. L.J. __ (forthcoming 2021) (with Christina M. Sautter)

Artificial Agents in Corporate Boardrooms, 105 Cornell L. Rev. 869 (2020)

Archeology, Language, and Nature of Business Corporations, 89 Miss. L.J. 43 (2019)

Corporate Governance as Privately-Ordered Public Policy: A Proposal, 41 Seattle U. L. Rev.

551 (2018) (with Lynn Stout) (invited Article—Berle IX Symposium)

The Abstract Void in Practice: Has the Statutory Business Judgment Rule Changed the ‘Acoustic Separation’ Between Conduct and Decision Rules for Directors’ Duty of Care?, 31 Austl. Corp. L.J. 107 (2016) (with Jake Miyairi)


Citizen Capitalism: How a Universal Fund Can Provide Influence and Income to All (Berrett-Koehler Press, 2019) (with Lynn Stout & Tamara Belinfanti)