JD Admissions

Honorable Charles Swinger Conley Scholarship within the AnBryce Program

Description of Scholarship

The Honorable Charles Swinger Conley Scholarship supports the goals and mission of the AnBryce Scholarship Program, as described in full under the AnBryce Scholarship.

Number of Scholars

One Charles Swinger Conley Scholar will be selected for the AnBryce Program every third year from the incoming class and will likely carry this scholarship for the duration of the three-year JD program.

Named Scholarships within the Law School

Once the admissions process has been finalized, the Office of Student Financial Services will assign some students with named scholarships that have been endowed by alumni and friends of the Law School. If a scholar receives a named scholarship such as the Charles Swinger Conley Scholarship, his or her total award package does not change, but is defrayed in full or in part by the donor's gift to the NYU School of Law Scholarship Fund.

While unlikely, it is possible that a student's named scholarship might be changed from one year to the next. In the event such a change is made, the scholar will be notified. The total amount of the award package will not be affected. The assignment process is based on the criteria set forth by the donors of the scholarship and is carried out while maintaining the confidentiality of all student financial records.