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Seyla Benhabib
The Future of Democratic Sovereignty and Transnational Law.
On Legal Utopianism and Democratic Skepticism

Roberto Bin
Order and Disorder
Legal Adjudication and Quantum Epistemology

Andrea Büchler
Regulating the Sacred
Organ donation and transplantation: autonomy and integrity of the person or social responsibility of the body?

Marta Cartabia
The Age of "New Rights"

Alessandra Casella
Reforming Senate Rules for Judicial Nominations
Alessandra Casella, Sébastien Turban, and Gregory Wawro

Gráinne de Búrca
The Road Not Taken: The EU as a Global Human Rights Actor

Rafael Domingo
A New Global Paradigm for Religious Freedom

Stephen Gardbaum
Separation of Powers and the Growth of Judicial Review (Or Why has the Model of Legislative Supremacy Mostly Been Withdrawn from Sale?)

David Green
The Second Chance Act, Penal Optimism, and the Legacies of American Protestantism

Bernard Grofman
Redistricting Commissions in the Western United States
Peter Miller and Bernard Grofman

Lynne Haney
The Politics of Punishment in Postsocialist Eastern Europe

Douglas Husak
Lifting the Cloak: Prevention Detention as Punishment

Moshe Idel
Lawyers and Mystics in Judaism: A Prolegomenon for a Study of Prophecy in Jewish Mysticism

Robert O. Keohane
Social Norms and Agency in World Politics

Benedict Kingsbury
Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance
Kevin E. Davis, Benedict Kingsbury, Sally Engle Merry

Jan Klabbers
Re-Thinking Functionalism: Paul S. Reinsch And The Making of International Institutional Law

Janez Kranjc
Virtues in the Law: The Case of Pietas

Susanne Krasmann
Law as Practice
On Law's Susceptibility and Resistance Vis-à-Vis Security Matters

David Kretzmer
The UN Human Rights Committee and International Human Rights Monitoring

Daryl Levinson
Parchment and Politics: The Positive Puzzle of Constitutional Commitment

Gianluigi Palombella
The Rule of Law in Global Governance. Its Normative Construction, Function and Import

Pasquale Pasquino
A Political Theory of Constitutional Democracy.
On Legitimacy of Constitutional Courts in Stable Liberal Democracies

John Pratt
Explaining Penal Contrasts.
Scandinavia V. The Anglophone Countries.

Philippe Raynaud
The Sceptic and the Law
Truth, Law and Justice in Modern Philosophy

Beth Simmons
The International Investment Regime: Sovereignty, Investor Security, and Dispute Settlement Since the 1980s

Richard B. Stewart
The World Trade Organization: Multiple Dimensions of Global Administrative Law

Carol M. Rose
Racial Covenants and Segregation, Yesterday and Today
Carol M. Rose & Richard R.W. Brooks

Nancy Rosenblum
Good Neighbor Nation: The Democracy of Everyday Life in America Taking Offense and Speaking Out

Martin A. Schain
The Border: Europe, The Immigration Dilemma and the State in France

Jack Snyder
The Lessons of Abolitionism for Human Rights Strategy: Zealots, Brokers, and the Rhetoric of Coalition Politics

Máximo Sozzo
Transition to Democracy and Penal Policy
The Case of Argentina

Michel Troper
The Structure of the Legal system and the Emergence of the State

Michael Walzer
Global and Local Justice

Frank Zimring
The City that Became Safe: New York and the Future of Crime Control