Human Resources

Service Recognition Honorees 2022-2023

New York University School of Law is pleased to honor the longer-term service employees listed below. Please join us in congratulating these employees for their years of committed service.

35 Years of Service

  ●   Vishwaminth Datt, Law Library

  ●   Susan Hodges, Clinical Program

  ●   James Nesbitt, Clerkships

  ●   Sharon Town, Office of the Vice Dean

  ●   Kerry Walton, Law Library


30 Years of Service
  ●   Joseph Fiore, Office of Career Services

  ●   Deirdre Ransom, Records and Registration


25 Years of Service

  ●   Remi Adegbile, Admissions

  ●   David Niedenthal, Communications


20 Years of Service

  ●   Kevin Fox, Information & Technology

  ●   Leomaris Sanchez, Clinical Program

  ●   Clara Solomon, Career Services

  ●   Gregory Zwahlen, Graduate Tax Program


15 Years of Service

  ●   Timothy Barnum, Student Financial Services

  ●   Clayton Gates, Information & Technology

  ●   Moon Kim, Career Services

  ●   Brian Sampson, Records and Registration

  ●   Isaiah Samson, Information & Technology

  ●   Kristin Silberman, Faculty Support

  ●   Brian Yulke, Information & Technology


10 Years of Service

  ●   Simon Abrams, Law Library

  ●   Daryl Canale, Information & Technology

  ●   Patricia Baquero, Development and Alumni Relations

  ●   Aparna Frank, Law Library

  ●   Coleman Ridge, Law Library

  ●   Shakira Reid, Lawyering Program

  ●   Laura Vert, Development and Alumni Relations