Human Resources

Service Recognition Honorees 2021-2022

New York University School of Law is pleased to honor the longer-term service employees listed below. Please join us in congratulating these employees for their years of committed service.

40 Years of Service
  ●   Eric Achacoso, Development and Alumni Relations
  ●   Ellyn Polansky, Office of Career Services

35 Years of Service
  ●   Chauncey Cross, Residence Services
  ●   Barbara Gash Newsome, Clinical Program

30 Years of Service
  ●   Roy Cummings, Duplicating
  ●   Michael D'Amelio, Clinical Program

20 Years of Service
  ●   Jennifer Bernucca, Faculty Services
  ●   Hetty Dekker, Faculty Support
  ●   Sandra Katz, Development and Alumni Relations
  ●   Vanessa Laureano, Residence Services

15 Years of Service
●   Thomas Bobryk, Information & Technology
●   Peter Freedberger, Faculty Support
●   Lara Maraziti, Faculty Support
●   Jill Rachlin Marbaix, Communications
●   Gabriel Rosenstein, Information & Technology
●   Conrad Turner, Information & Technology
●   Nicholas Vagelatos, Development and Alumni Relations

10 Years of Service
  ●  Sue Anderson, Development and Alumni Relations
  ●  Rachel Burns, Communications
  ●  Jose Espinosa Machado, Hauser Global Law School Program
  ●  Ellie Fallon, Alumni Relations
  ●  Cheryl Hark, Communications
  ●  Oleg Klymentyev, Acquisitions and Serials
  ●  Anna Lavrik, Finance
  ●  Candace Wade, JD Admissions
  ●  Cassandra Williams, JD Admissions