Faculty Scholarship

Below, you can find some recent publications by our faculty. You can also view a comprehensive list of faculty scholarship published between January 2013 and June 2014, or visit the Publications pages in our individual Faculty Profiles.

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Samuel Rascoff and Zachary Goldman ’09, eds. Global Intelligence Oversight: Governing Security in the Twenty-First Century (Oxford U. Press, May 2016)

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Chapters and Articles

José Alvarez. “Beware: Boundary Crossings,” Boundaries of State, Boundaries of Rights (Tsvi Kahana and Anat Scolnicov, eds., Cambridge U. Press, March 2016)

José Alvarez. “Fifty Shades of Gray,” 15 Baltic Yearbook of International Law (2015)

José Alvarez. “Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Investment Chapter the New ‘Gold Standard’” (2016)**

José Alvarez. “International Organizations and the Rule of Law” (2016)**

Amy Adler. “The First Amendment and Second Commandment,” Law, Culture, and Visual Studies (A. Wagner and R. K. Sherwin, eds., Springer, 2014)

Amy Adler. “The Pleasures of Punishment: Complicity, Spectatorship, and Abu Ghraib in Photography,” Punishment in Popular Culture (NYU Press, June 2015)

Philip Alston. “Against a World Court for Human Rights,” 28 Ethics & International Affairs 197 (June 2014)

Jennifer Arlen ’86 and Stephan Tontrup. “Does the Endowment Effect Justify Legal Intervention? The Debiasing Effect of Institutions,” 44 Journal of Legal Studies 143 (2015)

Jennifer Arlen ’86 and Stephan Tontrup. “Strategic Bias Shifting: Herding as a Behaviorally Rational Response to Regret Aversion” (December 2015)**

Rachel Barkow. “Clemency and Presidnetial Administration of Criminal Law,” 90 NYU Law Rev. 802 (2014)

Vicki Been ’83, Ingrid Gould Ellen, Michael Gedal, Edward Glaeser, and Brian McCabe. “Preserving History or Hindering Growth? The Heterogeneous Effects of Historic Districts on Local Housing Markets in New York City” (September 2014)**

Vicki Been ’83, Josiah Madar, and Simon Thomas McDonnell. “Urban Land-Use Regulation: Are Homevoters Overtaking the Growth Machine?” 11 Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 227 (June 2014)

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Joshua Blank LLM ’07. “The Timing of Tax Transparency,” Southern California Law Review (March 2016)*

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Oscar Chase. “‘Supreme’ Courts and the Imagination of the Real: An Essay in Honor of Mirjan Damaška,” The Administration of Justice: Past Experiences and Challenges for the Future: A festschrift in honor of Mirjan Damaska (2016)*

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Stephen Choi and Adam Pritchard. “The SEC's Shift to Administrative Proceedings: An Empirical Assessment” (February 2016)**

Stephen Choi, Jessica Erickson, and Adam Pritchard. “Piling On? An Empirical Study of Parallel Derivative Suits” (January 2016)**

Charles Colman. “About Ned,” 129 Harvard Law Review 128 (January 2016)

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