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Coronavirus-related measures and restrictions

This page will be regularly updated with information about coronavirus-related measures and restrictions at the Law School.

This page was last updated on: May 22, 2020.

NYU Law COVID-19 Hardship Fund
Information for current students and faculty 
Information for admitted and prospective students 
Information for alumni and visitors
Information for employees
Messages from the Dean
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For University updates and information, please visit the NYU Coronavirus Information and Resources page.

NYU Law COVID-19 Hardship Fund

The Law School recognizes that many of our students are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the coronavirus crisis, and that these challenges often have a financial component. To provide some relief to students under unanticipated financial strain related to coronavirus (COVID-19), we have established an NYU Law COVID-19 Hardship Fund. 

To apply for a grant from the Hardship Fund, please use the University portal. As an NYU Law student, you may request up to $1000 to help with an unanticipated expense related to the coronavirus crisis. 

To support our community during this time, please visit the Law School's giving page and select "NYU Law COVID-19 Response Fund." You may also reach out to our Assistant Dean for Development & Alumni Relations, Nick Vagelatos, at nick.vagelatos@nyu.edu. NYU Law student organizations that wish to contribute to the fund should contact Dean of Students Lindsay Kendrick at lindsay.kendrick@nyu.edu. A heartfelt thank you in advance for your generosity.


Information for current students and faculty 

  • For the remainder of the semester, all classes will be conducted remotely through use of a video conferencing platform through NYU Classes. Remotely conducted classes will generally take place on the same days and at the same times as ordinarily scheduled. Office hours will also be offered remotely at times to be scheduled by faculty members.
  • Students: More about taking classes online
  • Faculty: More about teaching classes online
  • All faculty-student reading groups are suspended through April 19. Students in clinics will receive additional instructions from clinical faculty. Following closure of NYU academic centers in Paris and Buenos Aires, Law Abroad programs have transitioned to video conferencing.
  • Students who are working with tutors should continue to do so, assuming they can find ways to meet remotely. New tutor requests can be sent to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) at law.studentaffairs@nyu.edu, which will do its best to process them, subject to availability of student tutors.
  • Students in need of support from the Moses Center should reach out to Rochelle Mills or contact the Moses Center directly at mosescsd@nyu.edu. They are continuing to work with students on exam and class accommodations.
Grading and Exams

In light of NYU Law’s transition to remote teaching and learning for the balance of the Spring 2020 semester and the concomitant disruptions as well as the general burdens caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Law School faculty has voted to adopt a mandatory CREDIT/FAIL grading policy for all Spring 2020 courses for the JD program, the LLM programs, and the MSL in Tax. More specifically, the following policy is in effect for the Spring 2020 semester as of March 25, 2020:

  • Grading and Policy Change: In any course (or activity, regardless of type) for which the Law School grants credit in the Spring 2020 semester, credit will be awarded exclusively on a CREDIT/FAIL basis according to our existing requirements for such credit, regardless of whether any student in that course has elected to be graded on that basis. All letter-grade requirements are waived and thus deemed satisfied by a grade of CREDIT in a Spring 2020 semester course.
  • Programs and Courses Affected: The policy change applies to Spring 2020 semester courses in the JD program, the LLM programs, and the MSL in Tax. The policy does not apply to the MSCRS program or to Spring 2020 courses in which grades have already been awarded.
  • All exams administered in Spring 2020 courses will be open-book, take-home exams. The Law School will not utilize software that virtually proctors students in real-time, so all students will be on the honor system during exam period. Students should look to their professors and instructors for further guidance on the exam for each course. Any student requiring an accommodation should work with the Moses Center or the Office of Student Affairs. 
  • Application:
    • Whether or not a student has been enrolled in any course on a CREDIT/FAIL basis, the CREDIT/FAIL grading in Spring 2020 shall not count against any student’s maximum number of permitted CREDIT/FAIL courses.
    • All transcripts will be annotated to indicate that Spring 2020 grades reflect NYU Law’s policy in response to the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus rather than the choices of any individual student.
    • Grades for Spring 2020 shall not figure in any student’s cumulative grade point average, nor shall they be calculated toward any end-of-year rankings or Law School honors.
    • Year-long clinics will still award grades for the Fall components of those clinics. 
  • Exception: There may arise a limited number of special circumstances in our LLM and other graduate programs requiring case-specific treatment. An ad hoc review committee will be convened to consider petitions from students with special circumstances, such as issues relating to minimum grade point average graduation requirements.
FAQ's for Credit/Fail Grading during COVID-19 (Spring 2020)

1.  What will employers think? If I have CR/F grades, does it put me at a disadvantage compared to someone with letter grades?
Public Sector:  Most public interest employers prioritize work experience and commitment to the issues over grades, and some will not even request a transcript. For employers that do consider grades, one semester of CR/F grades in the time of COVID-19 is unlikely to compromise job/internship prospects. Some public interest employers, particularly in impact litigation and public interest law firms, value judicial clerkship experience. You may wish to consult with JCO to determine whether one semester of CR/F grades will have any effect your clerkship prospects.

Private Sector: Administrators in the Office of Career Services have spoken with a number of law firms regarding the new CR/F grading for the Spring 2020 semester. Employers nationwide understand that this measure was put into place in response to the unprecedented situation facing our students and they have indicated that they will look at students' entire record, both academic and professional, when considering applications from students who were enrolled in law school in Spring 2020. Career Counselors from the Office of Career Services are available to talk with you to develop the best strategy for your individual career plan going forward. 


2. Will, there be a note on my transcript, if so, what will the note say?
All transcripts will say "Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all spring 2020 NYU School of Law (LAW-LW.) courses were graded on a mandatory CREDIT/FAIL basis."


3. How will this impact my chances for honors? 
CR graded classes count towards the amount of credits that would qualify students for honors, Order of the COIF and JD Class Honors: Pomeroy for 1Ls and Butler, Allen and McKay for 2Ls. The GPA will be based on the student’s cumulative GPA of letter graded coursework.  

The Order of the Coif National Office Executive Committee has stated:

"The Executive Committee realizes that this semester presents extraordinary circumstances. Therefore, for the graduating class of 2020, each Coif school may decide whether to base membership on five semesters of graded courses or to follow the constitutional provision, based on what the school has determined what to do about grades for the spring 2020. Thus, the 75% graded course requirement is suspended for the current academic year

"While pass/fail grading for this semester will also affect the graduating classes of 2021 and 2022, the Executive Committee will develop a policy for those classes this fall after we know more about the effect of the pandemic and will notify you what to do about Coif eligibility for the top 10% of those classes."


4.  If I complete work during Spring 2020 for a previous semester course, will I receive a mandatory CR/F grade?
No, all coursework registered in the Fall 2019 semester or earlier will be graded based on the grade type of that semester.  


5. I am taking a required course during Spring 2020, will it still count towards my graduation requirement?  

See additional questions and answers from the Student Town Hall held March 26. (NetID-restricted)

Still have questions? If you have additional questions about the Law School’s implementation of mandatory credit/fail grading this semester, please contact Academic Services (JD) or Graduate Affairs (LLM). If you have questions about credit/fail grading and employment, please contact Career Services (private sector) or PILC (public sector).


The Bar Exam, Bar Eligibility, and Remote Instruction
  • On March 18, the New York State Court of Appeals granted our application for a waiver of strict compliance with the state bar’s limitations on distance learning for all students enrolled at NYU Law in the Spring 2020 semester. The Court’s order acknowledges the necessity of NYU Law’s transition to remotely taught, synchronous classes in the Spring 2020 semester, and permits all NYU Law students engaged in these classes, in both the JD and LLM programs, to sit for the New York bar examination if they are otherwise bar-eligible.
  • The Office of Academic Services has performed a review of the 50 states and their bar requirements. Most jurisdictions appear to have no online requirement that would require NYU Law to apply for a waiver. All students are required to know the rules of their jurisdiction and so we encourage all students to review their state’s bar examiners Rules. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Academic Services and we will direct you to the proper resources. 
  • The American Bar Association has assured the deans of ABA-approved law schools that the Association is in full support of the decision made by schools across the country to teach and learn remotely for much of the Spring 2020 semester.
  • On April 6, the New York State Board of Law Examiners (BOLE) announced that the July 2020 Bar Examination will be rescheduled to Wednesday-Thursday, September 9 - September 10, 2020. The BOLE is currently closed because of the Covid-19 crisis, but they are updating their website regularly regarding the September bar exam.
  • If you are taking the bar in another jurisdiction, please monitor that bar examiner's website. Each state is making their own decision as to whether they will hold the bar exam in July as planned or it will be postponed to a later date. The National Conference of Bar Examiners has a listing of contact and website information for all US jurisdictions in their online Bar Admissions Guide and also a page tracking each state’s decision

On March 25, NYU President Andrew Hamilton announced with regret that we would have to reimagine our graduation exercises for 2020, and it would not be possible or responsible to hold our traditional ceremony in May. We are hoping to arrange an in-person ceremony for our 2020 graduates at some point in the future, but we did find a way to celebrate them virtually on May 21. The celebration is available for viewing on our website. Please reach out to convocation@mercury.law.nyu.edu if you have questions or thoughts about upcoming plans.

Residence Halls
  • Law School student residence halls will remain open in the summer, during which time residents will be assigned individual apartments. Students who have not yet told us they would like to stay for the summer should reach out to Residence Services.
  • If a student chooses to move out of Law School housing at any point, refunds will be given for the period between the date of move out and the end of the housing license. Refunds will be processed through the bursar. Please check Albert to make sure your mailing address is current, if you are not set up for direct deposit.
  • Mail Services is necessarily limiting service. 
    • Residents of D’Agostino Hall and Hayden Hall. Package pick-up continues to be available at the Resource Room. Because of reduced staffing, current pick-up hours are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.
  • Students can ship their personal belongings home via United Parcel Service (UPS) and receive a discount off of the regular full shipping rate if they follow the steps below:

    • Access UPS.com and click on the “ship” tab to create the shipment completing all the required fields. You may add packages after completing the information for Package 1. You will need to complete the required weight & dimensions for each additional package being shipped.
    • Discount: To receive the discount, enter the weight and dimensions of each box/parcel/package you are shipping. DO NOT USE FLAT RATE SHIPPING OPTION.
    • Payment: Payment may be made using a Credit Card or PayPal. Make sure you enter and apply the promo code “EASY”.
    • Print labels: Once you complete the shipping and payment sections - you will print and affix the labels to your pieces being shipped.
    • Drop off: Your packages/boxes, etc. may be brought to one of the UPS stores at the following locations:

      9 E 8th St, New York, NY 10003
      (212) 477-3350

      480 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10011
      (212) 518-4355
      34 Third Ave, New York, NY 10003
      (212) 518-8034
      319 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012
      (212) 625-0080
Law School Facilities and Law Library Resources
  • Following Governor Cuomo's March 21 Executive Order mandating that non-essential businesses statewide must close effective 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 22, students, faculty, and staff may not enter Law School classroom and office buildings until further notice.
  • If access to a Law School academic building is absolutely indispensable, please contact the Dean's Office as soon as possible at DeansOffice@mercury.law.nyu.edu.
  • While the Law Library is physically closed until further notice, it has not ceased all operations. For faculty and students in need of reference services, librarians are available to assist them remotely. Please email requests to LawLibRef@mercury.law.nyu.edu.
  • Many casebooks are now accessible for free online through the end of the exam period. Visit the Free Academic Resources During Closure LibGuide to begin using them. There are several resource platforms represented in the guide, so please make sure to read the instructions for each.
  • The Law School has arranged for 2020 graduates to have extended access to certain legal research and media sites at no charge.

All non-essential NYU-related travel, both international and domestic, should be canceled until further notice.  This includes NYU-related travel for all students, whether traveling in groups or as individuals. No new non-essential NYU-related travel plans should be booked.

International Students

NYU’s Office of Global Services (OGS) has issued a notice for international students on the risks and implications of leaving the US, noting that travel restrictions can change rapidly with little notice. International students planning to leave the US on personal travel should consult with an advisor from OGS.


For the remainder of the academic year, all gatherings and non-essential activities – meaning those not related to core academic activities – should be canceled, postponed, or conducted in a “virtual” format.

Student Groups & Journals  
  • Recruitment for 1L students will not be impacted, as the process of applying is remote. This year’s competition is currently slated to run from May 15 through May 29. We are coordinating with the EICs of the various journals to finalize timing and assess whether, given the circumstances, this timing should remain in place.
  • Journals should do what they can to advance their work remotely. Some processes may require flexibility and tweaking (making edits electronically rather than printing out a proof of an issue and making edits by hand; production schedules may need to be altered), but the work should continue as it can. We are in communication with the incoming editors-in-chief (EICs) to discuss production and administrative issues. Members should contact individual EICs to discuss workflow concerns. 
  • Students can use Zoom to schedule and attend meetings, as well as attend classes.
  • NYU Law student organizations that wish to contribute to the fund should contact Dean of Students Lindsay Kendrick at lindsay.kendrick@nyu.edu
Career Resources

Public Interest Law Center (PILC)

  • PILC is still operating and here for you. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, call 212-998-6686 or email pilc.appointments@nyu.edu
  • Appointments with Gail Zweig (government and prosecution specialist) can be made through CSM. 
  • If you have an urgent matter and have been working with a counselor, feel free to reach out to that counselor directly. 
  • If you have an urgent matter and have not been working with a counselor, please email pilc.info@nyu.edu
  • For those with questions about eligibility for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) visa category, NYU’s Office of Global Services (OGS) has posted a FAQ which addresses this and a number of other questions. Among other things, it outlines potential risks associated with being outside of the US while your application is pending, and explains that you must be physically present in the US at the time you submit your application. The office is continuing to process the requests while it is physically closed.
  • May 18 Town Hall - Join PILC for a discussion of Best Practices for Remote Summer Internships via Zoom, 1:00-2:00 pm.

Early Interview Week

  • The Early Interview Week Program has moved to January 13-15, 2021; it will now be known as the Winter Interview Program (WIP).  The Office of Career Services will provide additional details on WIP and the full range of OCS’s Fall 2020 programming and employer events as as they become available.


  • The 2L Clerkship Hiring Plan remains in place and 2Ls can submit applications starting on June 15.
  • In light of the current coronavirus situation and the difficulty of handling paper applications this year, most judges will be accepting applications on OSCAR or by email. The Ad Hoc Committee on Law Clerk Hiring has encouraged all federal judges to accept applications on OSCAR and to conduct interviews by audio or video conference, and not in person. Some judges are continuing to interview while others are postponing interviews. 
  • The Law School’s Judicial Clerkship Office is fully operational and assisting students with clerkship applications. For judges who request paper applications by regular mail, we generally will be sending emails instead.


International Student Work Authorization 

  • Students with questions about employment authorization through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for summer or fall 2020 should contact the Office of Academic Services (law.acadservices@nyu.edu). Any graduating student with questions regarding eligibility for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) work authorization should work with advisors in the University’s Office of Global Services (OGS). OGS, is continuing to process work-authorization requests while it is physically closed. International students may also want to consult the University’s COVID-19 information page, which includes sections on visas and other relevant topics.

Resources for 2020 Graduates

Personal Considerations
Faculty Meetings/Workshops  

For the remainder of the academic year, we will  convene faculty meetings and Monday faculty workshops through Zoom. Faculty will receive additional information via email.

NYU Law COVID-19 Hardship Fund

Find out more about the NYU Law COVID-19 Hardship Fund.

NYU Law student organizations that wish to contribute to the fund should contact Dean of Students Lindsay Kendrick at lindsay.kendrick@nyu.edu

Information for admitted and prospective students 

  • Until further notice, the Law School will be unable to host visitors to campus.

  • In lieu of hosting Admitted Students Days and other on-campus events, the offices of JD and Graduate Admissions will provide opportunities for virtual campus visits.
  • JD Admissions representatives are working remotely and are available via email. You may also call +1-212-998-6060, 10 am-3 pm, Monday-Friday, to speak with a representative.
  • Graduate Admissions representatives are working remotely, and are available via email for candidates interested in our LLM, JSD, or Advanced Certificate programs. Alternatively, you may also call +1-212-998-6060 during normal business hours to speak to a representative.
  • Graduate Admissions has posted COVID-19 updates for admitted LLM and JSD students on the Admitted Students Website.

Information for alumni and visitors

  • For the remainder of the academic year, all non-essential, in-person visits and events (such as lectures and scholarly meetings) are cancelled. If you were scheduled to appear for an event within that period, please contact the event organizer for information regarding rescheduling or virtual options. 
  • We expect that we will continue to provide continuing legal education (CLE) for our alumni community at appropriate events offered online. Because the CLE Board’s online attendance requirements are stricter than those for in-person attendance, we are currently working with our IT team to make remote participation for CLE credit as simple as possible.  
  • For alumni interested in helping our students:
    • You may contribute to the NYU Law COVID-19 Hardship Fund, established to provide some relief to students facing unanticipated financial strain related to coronavirus. 
    • The Law Alumni Association and Law Alumni of Color Association are organizing volunteers. We are happy to facilitate any connections, and anyone looking to help should feel free to reach out to Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations Nick Vagelatos at nick.vagelatos@nyu.edu.
  • For alumni who may be considering professional changes, the Office of Career Services and Public Interest Law Center remain available while physically closed. Our law alumni associations may also be able to assist. Those interested in assistance should feel free to reach out to Assistant Dean for Development and Alumni Relations Nick Vagelatos at nick.vagelatos@nyu.edu.
  • Information about loan repayment relief provisions in the CARES Act. 
  • Resources for 2020 Graduates: The Law School has arranged for 2020 graduates to have extended access to legal research, media, and career resources at no charge.


Information for NYU Law employees

  • NYU Law's Teleworking Guide
  • NYU's Tech Guide to Teleworking
  • Mail Services: Administrators at Wilf Hall, 22 WSN, Vanderbilt Hall, & Furman Hall: Mail Services is offering reduced services and we anticipate some Law School buildings may be temporarily shut down to allow the University to redeploy staff elsewhere on campus. As a result, starting on March 27, mail for these buildings will be available in the second-floor conference room of D’Agostino Hall (Room 252—turn right when you exit the stairs or elevator; the room is behind the pantry). Pick-up times are 11:00am-1:30pm and 2:30pm-4:00pm.
  • Benefits: The University has created a webpage dedicated to coronavirus-related benefits updates.

Messages from the Dean