Fall 2011 Schedule of Presenters

Convened by Professors Ronald Dworkin and Thomas Nagel

September 8
Richard Revesz, NYU School of Law
Climate Change and Future Generations

September 15
Joseph Carens, University of Toronto
Open Borders and the Claims of Community
Chapter 10
Chapter 11

September 22
Pamela Hieronymi, UCLA Department of Philosophy
(Paper removed at the author’s request.)

September 29
Samuel Freeman, University of Pennsylvania
Liberalism, Capitalism, and Libertarianism

October 6
Lewis Kornhauser, NYU School of Law
Designing Collegial Courts

October 13
Jeremy Waldron, NYU School of Law
Stare Decisis and the Rule of Law: A Layered Approach

October 20
Joseph Heath, University of Toronto
A Puzzle for Contractualism

October 27
Richard Fallon, Harvard University
Scholars’ Briefs and the Vocation of a Law Professor

November 3
Sharon Street, NYU
How to Be a Relativist About Normativity

November 10
Robert Howse, NYU School of Law
Humanity Bounded and Unbounded: The Regulation of External Self-Determination under International Law

November 17
Scott Shapiro, Yale Law School
Note to the colloquium

December 1
Dale Jamieson, NYU
The Frontiers of Ethics

December 8
Ronald Dworkin, NYU School of Law
Religion without God