Fall 2002 Schedule of Presenters

Convened by Professors Ronald Dworkin and Thomas Nagel

September 5
Derek Parfit, New York University
Tanner Lectures

September 12
Mark Greenberg , Princeton University
How Facts Make Law

September 19
Moshe Halbertal, NYU School of Law

September 26
Louis Kaplow, Harvard University
Human Nature and the Best Consequentialist Moral System

October 3
Janos Kis, NYU
When We Are Morally Required to Cooperate

October 10
Linda McClain, Hofstra University
Marriage and Social Health: Marriage Promotion, Marriage (E)quality, and Welfare Reform

October 17
Liam Murphy, NYU School of Law
Promise and Practice (excerpted from Promise, Practice, Contract, a work in progress)

October 24
R. Jay Wallace, University of California, Berkeley
The Publicity of Reasons

October 31
T. M. Scanlon, Harvard University
Moral Assessment and the Agent's Point of View

November 7
Ronald Dworkin, NYU School of Law
Interpretation, Morality and Truth

November 14
Noah Feldman, NYU School of Law
Equity in History

November 21
Debra Satz, Stanford University
Noxious Markets: Why Should Some Things Not Be For Sale?

December 5
Eric Rakowski, University of California, Berkeley
Reverence for Life and the Limits of State Power: An Essay on Life’s Dominion