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A joint program of the NYU Center for Labor and Employment Law and the American Arbitration Association.



72nd Annual NYU Conference on Labor

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Thursday and Friday, June 13 and 14, 2019

On June 13-14 at the 72nd NYU Annual Conference on Labor, the Labor Center explored the impact of artificial intelligence and automation – including machine learning, deep learning, data mining, robotics, facial recognition software, use of analytics to predict future success – on work, workers, and the workplace.  

Presentations included:
Keynote Address by Hon. Kate O’Scannlain (Solicitor, U.S. Dept. Of Labor)
Job Displacement Effects of AI
Luncheon Address by Hon. Peter Robb (General Counsel, NLRB)
Programs in Mitigation of Impact on Workers
How Are Companies Using AI?
How Are Other Countries Handling AI?
Keynote Address by Hon. John F. Ring (Chair, NLRB)
Labor Law Issues

Privacy and Discrimination Issues
Luncheon Address by Hon. Jenny R. Yang (Urban Institute; Former Chair, EEOC)
Professional Responsibility Issues


"Untethered Textualism in the Seventh Circuit’s Kleber Ruling on Age Bias in Hiring" by Samuel Estreicher

"The Supreme Court Did Workers A Favor" by Samuel Estreicher

"Why Business Is Glued To High Court's Public Sector Case" featuring Samuel Estreicher

"How Unions Can Survive A Supreme Court Defeat" by Samuel Estreicher